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Companies are cutting traditional dividends and Washington is slashing Social Security benefits.

Trillions of dollars in income are disappearing into thin air—forcing retirees to “tighten the belt” on spending… just when they’d hoped to be enjoying themselves the most.

And it’s up to YOU to do something about it. No one is going to step in and save you.

If you want to spend your golden years in comfort… and you’ve got a few minutes to spare each month… and you don’t think Wall Street should be allowed to keep all the best income investments to themselves—then these “Executive Dividends” are the solution.

Because this program can pay $36,960 each year to help fund a more fulfilling, more relaxing retirement for you and your significant other… all while leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars to pass on to your family.

It’s all covered in my NEW Special Report: 11 “Executive Dividend-Payers” Yielding Up To 10.4%

These unusual companies have a history of paying surprise dividends that aren’t covered in the media. One of them handed out a bonus dividend of $7 per share, on top of its normal 27-cent dividend.

That’s like getting your next 26 paychecks advanced to you in one lump sum – and still getting your regular paychecks after that. Pretty sweet.

Another outfit in my report appears to pay just $1 per year. But when you count the $3 cash windfall it pays out in bonus dividends, its true payout is four times higher.

Then there’s the casino that makes a bonus dividend payment every year of up to $8 per share.

And the insurance company that shelled out $13 per share in bonus payments over the past five years… along with seven other bonus dividend payers that you can buy into before they send out their next checks.

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