A Special Gift for You from High-Yield Investing

This boring company has
paid out a "Holiday Bonus" to
shareholders every year for
the last decade...

Stake your claim by December 9th and you could end the year with an extra $290 in your pocket... simply for holding the stock.

Fellow investor,

Fair warning… this may be the quickest (and most surefire) income play you’ll put in your portfolio all year.

This “boring” stock rewards shareholders like clockwork… for 10 years running, every December it’s paid out a special dividend (think of it as a "Holiday Bonus").

And this year, investors holding shares on or before December 9th will be treated to a hefty “Holiday Dividend” on top of its regular payouts.

How does that look in terms of your bottom line?

Simply holding 100 shares of this company would hand you a $13 "Holiday Bonus"...

Holding 250 shares would net you a quick $32.50...

Picking up 500 shares today would give you $65...

And holding 1,000 shares of this company would let you walk away with an extra $130 in your pocket.

Tally up the "Holiday Bonus" plus your regular dividend payout... and you’re looking at a lightning-quick payday of up to $290.

Of course, it goes without saying that the more shares you pick up the bigger your “Holiday Bonus” could be.

Now, recommending a stock based on a special dividend alone is rarely a smart move…

But this company offers SO much more than just one extra payout…

Not only has it made consistent and continuous special dividend payouts every December for the last decade with no signs of slowing down any time soon...

But shockingly it hasn’t missed a regular dividend payout in the last 10 years, either!

This company even sailed right through Covid without having to put its dividend payouts on pause.

And this “Holiday Bonus” stock comes with a long history of incredible income.

Anyone bold enough to have picked up 1,000 shares of this profit powerhouse a decade ago would have racked up nearly $6,500 in income alone by nowjust for holding onto the stock!

Best of all, when you own shares of this company or before December 9th this “Holiday Bonus” will be in your portfolio before Christmas.

I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a little extra income around the holidays...

Which is exactly why THIS company deserves a spot in your portfolio NOW.

And as a holiday “gift” of our own…

I put full details on this timely — and urgent — opportunity and the steps you need to take to stake your claim today... into a simple, easy-to-read report that I want to put in your hands absolutely FREE.

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At High-Yield Investing our mission is to uncover the safest and most generous income stocks on Earth and help everyday investors lock on to them for a shot at incredible profits.

Inside each issue, you’ll discover incredible “off the radar” income stocks that reward investors with ever-growing dividend payouts and monster capital gains…

Just like the company you’ll see inside your free copy of our "Holiday Bonus" report.

You'll uncover:

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The regular price for a year's worth of High-Yield Investing is $199.

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Unfortunately there is one small catch

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You'll be able to use my recommendations to potentially collect more than a few fat dividend payouts.

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For greater income and peace of mind,

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