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Hello, J.R. Butts again.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to review our investment forecasts for the next 12 months.

Many of our firm’s greatest market calls have come from this annual forecast of the coming year’s most pressing opportunities.

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We have been sending out annual predictions like the ones I want to send you today since 2009.

In our very first round of predictions, we told our readers to expect “an opportunity of enormous proportions” in nanotechnology. Our pick shot up 354% by the end of the year.

We also predicted that an obscure diamond miner in Northern Canada would strike it rich. Our pick rose 622% in the following year.

We then singled out a chipmaker that we predicted would “ring up market-crushing gains.” The stock is currently up a stunning 993%.

We highlighted a little-known company that was turning algae into fuel. The stock went on to rise 823%.

In our most recent report, we predicted “a new miracle fiber would hit the market that’s 35x tougher than steel.” Five months later, the stock had shot up more than 800%.

A $1,000 investment into each of these 5 stocks could have turned into more than $40,000!

Of course, these are extraordinary results, by any measure, and not every prediction pans out this well… but it does show what’s possible with Top Stock Advisor.

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BONUS #1: The $10B Footnote: How Wall Street’s Slipup Could Hand You $201,873 in the Next 12 Months (Value $59)

report coverRecently, a little-known satellite company quietly purchased a promising Internet startup at a bargain basement price.

How’d the stock market react?

Bupkis… no one cared. The stock price didn’t budge.

Now, Wall Street analysts get paid a lot of money to research deals like this one.

So, when a satellite company buys a cutting-edge tech startup…

And its stock price doesn’t move a penny…

It’s because the army of wealthy, suit-wearing Wall Street analysts didn’t find anything special about the deal.

But this time they missed something. Because buried deep among hundreds of pages of legal contracts in this buyout agreement…

I uncovered an obscure footnote all the Wall Street suits seem to have missed…

One that could be worth as much as $10 billion a year to the satellite company revealed in this report.

And that “hidden” $10 billion could boost the stock price by 10X… 20X… even as much as 50X… within hours of its existence hitting the news.

BONUS #2: 3 Biden-Proof Stocks
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report coverNo matter what surprises a Biden Administration will spring on Wall Street, we firmly believe these three stocks are destined to go nowhere but up…

BONUS #3: The 5G Revolution:
Three Stocks for Six-Figure Profits
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report coverThe 5G communications breakthrough will add $12 trillion to the global economy… and give smart investors multiple chances to create generational wealth. Inside this exclusive report, you’ll see…

BONUS #4: 7 Stocks to Own Forever
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report coverBull market or bear… inflation or deflation… these stocks are so reliable — and so potentially profitable—they’ll give you deep financial peace of mind as they churn out wealth for decades to come.

You’ll discover:

BONUS #5: 7 Loser Stocks to Dump Now ($59 value)

Watch out — these ticking time bombs could blow a smoking crater in your portfolio.

Surprisingly, many of them are quite popular. You probably know their names. In fact, you may own a few. Here’s a quick rundown…

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I look forward to welcoming you as a new Top Stock Advisor member.

To Your Wealth,

Thank you,

Jimmy Butts

J.R. Butts
Chief Investment Strategist
Top Stock Advisor

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