There’s a crypto buying frenzy underway… and you weren’t invited

The Future of Crypto Is STILL Inevitable

Discover why NOW is the most important time to buy crypto…
if you haven’t done so yet
Plus: 3 coins that could unleash $3 trillion worth of wealth
into the hands of everyday Americans

Dear Reader,

While investors sit on the sidelines waiting to see what comes next...

The world’s financial elite have been on a buying frenzy unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

But this time… they’re behaving a bit strange…

They aren’t loading up on stocks, gold, or treasuries.

They’re buying crypto.

And they’re not just "dipping their toe in the water" either…

What do they know that we don’t?

While they’ll likely never reveal their reasoning to the public…

I believe I know the most likely source for this massive move.

Rising inflation... government money printing... supply shortages...

All are forcing an unprecedented change to our money system...

And it’s creating a wealth-building opportunity unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

In fact, if you dig a little deeper, past gloom and doom headlines, you’ll find the signs everywhere...

The Wall Street Journal proclaims...

The Los Angeles Times says it’s...

While The New Yorker claims it’s...

News source after news source all seem to agree...

The future of crypto is inevitable

The rise of crypto is now so obvious, that even the loudest naysayers are starting to reverse course…

Warren Buffett once told CNBC that he doesn’t own any cryptocurrency and NEVER will.

But if there’s one thing you can say about Buffett, it’s that he’s not afraid to change his tune... especially if it stands to make him a whole lot of money.

He did just that in 2017 when he admitted to being wrong about Amazon.

And since then he’s poured millions of dollars into it.

Now, he’s doing it again with cryptocurrencies.

Having once flat-out dismissed its future... Buffett has since made a complete 180.

Not just “dipping his toe” into crypto.

But betting $947 million on its success.

And he isn’t alone...

The New York Times reported that Wall Street banks once tried to “kill” crypto... but now they’re embracing it...

As Barron’s put it, Wall Street has gone gaga over it.

This situation is advancing so fast in fact that in the corporate world, even fierce competitors like FedEx and UPS... GM and Ford... are teaming up to add crypto into their operations.

Bottom line: it’s happening.

This could be the year that marks the biggest change in financial history... when crypto finally goes mainstream.

My name is Nathan Slaughter. I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at the Capital Wealth Letter — one of America’s most trusted financial research advisories.

And I believe that right now you have a chance to profit from a monumental event...

A rare situation where — as I’m about to show you — a tiny starting stake in what I believe to be the driving force that will spur crypto to new heights...

Has the potential to hand you as much as a million-dollar return.

I’ll explain more in just a moment.

Now, I want to be clear...

I don’t believe anyone can predict the future.

I certainly don’t claim to have that ability.

But in the next few minutes, I’ll show you exactly what’s caused me, along with once staunch crypto holdouts like Warren Buffett to change our minds...

You see, the financial world is changing… FAST.

And right now, we have a small window to take advantage of what could very well be the biggest financial event in history.

So let me get right to the details...

How the Fed inadvertently unleashed crypto

Inflation is all over the news.

It’s no surprise considering the Fed’s printed over $6.7 trillion since the pandemic started.

To put that into perspective, that’s more money than was printed during World War II, or the Korean, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and both Gulf Wars COMBINED!

It’s the biggest money printing spree in American history.

The reason they did this is that money printing usually works to revive an ailing economy…

At first.

The idea being that: if there’s more money to go around, people will spend it... and the economy will recover.

But if the government overprints (like the U.S. has done since 2008)...

It’s always the same result...

The dark effect of the Fed’s money printing

Already today, inflation is at levels we haven’t seen since the '70s.

The price of gas is higher every time I fill up.

It takes more and more money to put food on our shelves...

The cost of coffee, flour, corn, oats, and even wheat has nearly doubled.

And the worst part of all this is? Food isn’t the only thing going up...

All the raw materials that power our economy are skyrocketing too.

These costs are already edging their way into the price of products made from these materials... with store prices rising faster than I can remember.

Sadly, spiraling inflation is terrible news for the dollar.

It makes every dollar we earn less valuable... with prices rising faster than wages... ultimately siphoning away our wealth.

As the Globe and Mail reported...

But while it takes more and more dollars to buy things, the opposite is true with cryptocurrencies — even after the recent drawdown...

The recent doom and gloom headlines would have you believing crypto is gasping for breath… but that couldn’t be further from the truth…

Sure, crypto has had its ups and downs… but the recent sell off shouldn’t alarm you.

In fact, it makes NOW the perfect time to stake your claim.

Case in point...

Over the past 2 years, cryptocurrencies have shot up an average of 1,309%

Just consider that since the pandemic started, if you had put your money in any of the 5 largest cryptocurrencies — as opposed to just sitting on that cash — your cryptocurrency holdings would have skyrocketed!

To put it in dollar terms: a mere $1,500 into each would have you sitting on $98,188.

Now compare that to the U.S. dollar...

The financial media has been bombarding us with single-digit inflation headlines. But the truth is actually much worse...

$100 from 2019 only buys $83 worth of stuff today, thanks to the Fed’s money printing.

And if inflation continues to climb... your hard-earned dollars will buy less and less, the longer you hang on to them.

But there is a way out… and a way to profit through the process.

Unfortunately, Wall Street’s elite are already one step ahead of you...

You’re on the verge of being left out... again

If there’s one thing you can count on from the fat cats on Wall Street, it’s their desire to exploit any situation for their own financial benefit.

Publicly, they make buying crypto sound risky and complicated...

But what they do in private... is a completely different story.

Take Wall Street’s largest bank, JP Morgan.

If you use JP Morgan as your broker, their advisors will undoubtedly steer you away from crypto.

And if you follow the news, you’ve probably noticed that JP Morgan’s CEO is one of crypto’s most outspoken critics, at one point going as far as calling bitcoin a “fraud.”

That’s the stance the company has taken with regular investors like you and me...

But behind closed doors, JP Morgan is singing a different tune.

The bank has created its own cryptocurrency and is helping wealthy clients invest in it directly through their brokerage accounts...

JP Morgan isn’t the only Wall Street firm saying one thing to regular investors and doing another with the top 1% of its clients either.

Both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are quietly offering their highest net-worth clients the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies as well.

In typical Wall Street fashion, they’re getting in before the rest of us.

Things are moving so fast, one insider at the Wall Street investment bank Citi confessed, “crypto has reached a tipping point.”

And as Forbes reported in March 2022:

Now, I really want you to understand the significance of Wall Street’s shenanigans.

Because what they’re doing today with crypto... is the exact same tactic that triggered one of the largest stock market booms of our lifetime.

And as you’ll see, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you to take a modest stake and turn it into a legacy of wealth lasting generations... if you prepare for it now.

Why the BIG move is just ahead

You may remember the stock market boom of the 1990s.

Most people think it happened because home computers and the internet were invented then.

But that isn’t the case...

Both were invented over a decade before the '90s bull market.

You see, by the time the stock market took off in 1992, Apple had already been around for 16 years.

One out of four homes already had a personal computer complete with email and internet.

By that time, companies like Apple had already gone up over 712%. And it seemed like all the big gains were long gone.

If I had told you at that time that these gains were peanuts and only the start of Apple’s 227,410% rise... you’d have thought I was crazy.

But what nobody knew at the time — was that the really BIG money was just arriving on Wall Street.

And it was about to change everything...

The deluge of private money

To retail investors, 1992 may go down in history books as the start of the tech boom.

But most economists and venture capitalists remember it as the start of the Private Equity Boom.

Because that was the year the "smart money" took notice. And over $20 billion flowed into Wall Street from wealthy investors.

To put that into perspective, that was $19 billion more than the decade before... an unheard-of amount of money at the time.

Tech stocks that had — for all outward appearances — “peaked” started to take off again, creating the tech boom we all remember...

One which spawned some of the largest companies on earth.

And made early investors insane amounts of money...

Enormous gains like these seem unfathomable.

But they do happen!

And I believe we’re about to see them again... this time in crypto.

Investors who put even $100 into each of those early tech companies — before they shot up — would be sitting on as much as a million dollars today...

I’m only pointing this out because today we’re at the same kind of tipping point with crypto as we were with tech in the early '90s.

Just like then, the smart money is now pouring in.

So if you missed the millionaire-making boom of the '90s… this could be the second chance you’ve been waiting for...

Wall Street insiders are pumping billions into crypto

Wealthy investors are piling their wealth into cryptocurrencies...

In fact, CNBC estimates that most billionaires and their families already own crypto.

And the recent crypto drawdown has only accelerated the buying spree... setting off a race to buy up as much as they can.

I believe this huge influx of money is about to have the same effect on the crypto market as it did on tech stocks in the '90s.

We’re now at the bottom of the 1st inning of a 9-inning game.

And while no one can predict the future…

I’m confident that all the private money pouring in will send crypto prices soaring and start a whole new crypto boom, unlike anything we’ve seen to date.

The time to take advantage of it is now, alongside Wall Street insiders and their wealthy families.

If you thought it was too late to get into crypto, let me assure you — I believe you’re right on time for THE MAIN EVENT!

As billionaire and Wall Street insider Dan Loeb put it:

In all honesty, I didn’t jump onto crypto when bitcoin first came out either.

I was skeptical.

As a former Financial Advisor, I inherently avoid the first speculative phase of any investment (where 99% fail).

I wait until it has proven itself... and revealed its true potential to create wealth.

And then I wait for the perfect buying opportunity... where shares dip and allow me to get in at yesterday’s prices.

That was the situation we had with tech stocks in the early '90s.

And that is the case with crypto today.

We now have a short window of time before crypto transforms our financial system.

As Forbes put it...

Situations like the one we’re facing today are truly unique.

When the wealthiest men and women in America dig THIS deep into their pockets and go all-in on the same sector... at the same time...

It pays to take notice and ask yourself...

What do THEY know that WE don’t?

Is this really the opportunity we’ve all been looking for? Where, as little as $1,000 has the potential to turn into a vast, life-changing fortune?

In just a second I’ll show you 3 cryptocurrencies I expect to be the best way to take advantage of this situation.

But I realize that if you haven’t yet bought bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency — you may be skeptical or confused about how they actually work.

If that sounds like you: don’t worry...

Why crypto is better than paper money

I realize that many people have never gotten into cryptocurrencies because they don’t understand them.

They can be a hard thing to wrap your mind around if you’re used to carrying cash in your wallet.

After all, how could there be money that’s...

I realize trying anything new can be daunting.

Especially if it concerns your money.

As a Financial Advisor, I’ve often introduced new investments to my clients.

Sometimes I had to take them by the hand, and walk them through everything, step-by-step... until they were comfortable with their new investments.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering to help you with here...

If you’ve never bought crypto...

Now, before I get ahead of myself...

I realize that besides all this, some people may have avoided crypto because they’re worried about losing their money.

It’s understandable given the theatrical headlines that crop up any time bitcoin’s price drops.

But like a lot of things in life — there’s more to this story than the media lets on.

Elon Musk’s enormous bitcoin purchase is a prime example...

How crypto saved Tesla

I’m sure you’ve heard how Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk, pulled some of his company’s cash reserves out of the bank, and put them into bitcoin in 2021.

What the press didn’t mention is that if he had kept them in the bank, Tesla would have lost $70 million from inflation.

That’s how much the dollar had eroded over that year.

Yet that wasn’t even the biggest benefit...

Because transferring some of Tesla’s cash reserves into bitcoin also gave him an incredible opportunity to profit if the coin shot up.

Which it did.

His strategy worked so well, that...

Tesla made $1 billion on bitcoin in less than a month!

That’s 10 times more money than it made from selling cars that year... and a whole lot better than a $70 million loss.

Now, here’s what most people missed...

Bitcoin dropped by the end of 2021.

As a result, so did the value of Tesla’s bitcoin holdings.

But what the media failed to mention was that even after the price drop, Tesla still made over $500,000,000 on bitcoin.

And that’s on top of the $128 million worth the company cashed in before the drop!

This is a very important point, and perhaps the greatest thing about bitcoin...

Whenever its price spikes up, it nearly always comes down...

And that’s to be expected, because just like in any bull market, prices never go up in a straight line.

So while the headline writers love to focus on the price drops, they’re missing the real story

It was a smart move for Elon. But he isn’t the only one using crypto to avoid the sting of a shrinking dollar.

As Wall Street billionaire Paul Tudor Jones put it...

If it’s not obvious by now: the dollar is in trouble.

That’s why wealthy billionaires and people from all walks of life are turning to crypto.

As The Washington Post announced...

And this mainstream adoption is even more evident when you know how crypto is transforming Big Business...

What the business world is really doing behind the scenes...

You see, most people don’t realize it, but large companies like Amazon, Amgen, and Apple are already using crypto.

According to crypto giant Circle, 81% of America’s large businesses use cryptocurrencies when dealing with each other.

Circle should know... it’s their job to help these businesses use it.

The reason American businesses have jumped onto the crypto bandwagon is because of the huge advantage they get from using it.

You see, in today’s fast-moving business world, the slowest part of a business deal is the agonizingly slow process of transferring money.

It can take days for money to go through the traditional banking system.

If you’ve ever tried sending money from one bank to another, or if you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you know what I’m talking about. And you’ll understand why I believe...

Crypto just took the first step toward replacing our outdated banking system

Even though we live in a world where you can text $20 to your friend… or buy and sell stocks instantly from your smartphone…

Our banking system is still based on sluggish 50-year-old “last century tech.”

That’s why most large businesses are saying goodbye to their banks and doing their deals with cryptocurrencies.

The simple fact is: transaction times with crypto are FAST.

In most cases, a company can slash transaction times from several days to just 3 seconds.

It’s a HUGE advantage no company can afford to pass up if it wants to stay competitive.

As the Globe & Mail put it...

In short, Big Business always adopts new technologies to gain a competitive advantage. (The ones that survive anyway.)

Just look at the 1990s when companies started using Microsoft Office to replace typewriters and word processors.

It was a technology that transformed office work forever... slashing the time it took to write, edit, format, and print documents from days to just minutes.

And today, the same kind of metamorphosis is taking place in the business world with cryptocurrencies.

They’re replacing the slow, outdated banking system with near-instantaneous computer transactions.

As a Bank of America insider admitted, crypto is now “the currency of choice for international trade.”

It’s only a matter of time before these changes make their way into our everyday lives.

When they do, it’ll change everything from the way we pay our bills, and buy groceries, cars, and even homes.

Just like computers changed the world in the early '90s.

And just like then, it’s a chance to create a vast personal fortune for those who invest in crypto before these inevitable changes..

Remember: some tech stocks from the '90s ended up growing 227,410% (AAPL), 263,900% (AMZN), even 381,130% (MSFT)...

And today’s cryptocurrencies are at the same place as tech stocks were before the tech boom, during the early '90s recession...

Again, we’re not even out of the 1st inning yet... the potential for plenty more home runs is still ahead.

But we only have a short window of time to get in on the action before we find ourselves completely priced out.

Perhaps even shorter than you may think, considering how much crypto is already spilling over into our everyday lives...

Crypto is replacing the dollar

And as the crypto dominoes continue to fall, CNBC announced...

But I believe the biggest changes are just ahead.

Everything I’ve shown you so far is a testament to that.

And right now, you have a short time to get in and set yourself up for a shot at raking in a life-changing fortune.

All you need to decide is whether you’ll take advantage of it before its tipping point...

Or wait and miss out on what could be the biggest wealth creation opportunity of your lifetime.

And since you’re still with me here, I’m guessing you realize the significance of this historic event.

So let me show you the best way I know of, to take advantage of this opportunity…

The Crypto Convergence of 2023:
Do these 3 coins hold the key to becoming a crypto millionaire?

3 cryptocurrencies are going through major upgrades... marking 2023 as the single most important crypto convergence of our lifetime.

They are the 3 best ways I know of to cash in on crypto’s inevitable rise in the coming years.

This could be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to take as little as $200 and turn it into a massive windfall.

So let me start by showing — what I believe to be — the most important cryptocurrency ever developed...

Crypto #1:
Rescues Wall Street’s big banks

The first thing you should know: my #1 crypto pick isn’t Bitcoin, but rather another "banking" crypto you’ve likely never heard of...

I showed you how Big Business is already abandoning the outdated banking system due in large part to painfully slow transaction times (not to mention the near "criminally" high fees) slowing down business.

What I didn’t show you yet, is how the banks are fighting back.

Businesses using crypto are a huge threat to the banking system’s existence.

As CNBC recently reported:

And as the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

Because the only way for banks to fight back is to get into cryptocurrencies themselves.

By doing that, they have a unique opportunity to update their antiquated networks... and make an obscene amount of money.

That’s why I believe Wall Street’s investment banks are turning to a cryptocurrency of their own.

One with lightning-quick payments that go through in seconds, as opposed to days, like it takes them now.

Better yet, this crypto has a sophisticated feature designed for the banking system...

It not only lets them digitally send money... but other financial assets too, including stocks, bonds, loans, and mortgages...

All within seconds, anywhere in the world.

It’s THE breakthrough they’ve been waiting for...

Major financial institutions are already on board

Already, 400 of the largest banks and financial institutions have signed on to use this crypto.

Including Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and many others.

Now, all they’re waiting for is government approval.

That’s because banks are one of the most heavily regulated industries in the U.S.

And over the past year, the team behind this crypto has been hashing out the regulatory details with the SEC behind closed doors.

Inside sources have leaked that talks are wrapping up. And the regulations are expected to be in place in the next few weeks.

If all goes to plan, Crypto #1 will become the first federally-regulated cryptocurrency.

It’ll have official government approval and could become the de facto cryptocurrency of the global banking system.

Then every bank, brokerage, loan, and credit agency in the world will be able to start using this crypto.

And when that happens… I expect its value will take off like greased lightning... which is why you need to get its name today...

Best of all, right now, you can still get into this crypto for under a dollar... in spite of it being one of the oldest and quite possibly MOST IMPORTANT cryptocurrencies around.

But when banks start using it, I anticipate its value to soar as high as $600 by year’s end.

And after that, if it hits the same stride as bitcoin....

It could reach $4,000 per coin (or more) in the years to come. At that value, anyone who invested early would be a multimillionaire many times over.

Keep in mind this wouldn’t happen overnight. And there’s no way of predicting that it will ever happen.

The point is: bitcoin once traded at the same low value as Crypto #1. And if you had gotten into bitcoin then, your $200 investment would today be worth $10,000,000.

Again, that massive return didn’t happen in the blink of an eye… but I can’t imagine a single soul complaining about a tiny $200 exploding into a fortune. Even if it took 10 years.

I truly believe this is one of the biggest crypto opportunities of our lifetime.

And you’re just in time to take advantage of it... if you act soon.

Now you can see why some of the wealthiest and most well-connected people are getting into this crypto.

Multi-billionaire Chris Larsen is one of them...

He has long history of getting into revolutionary projects early, including the first ever online mortgage lender E-Loan, which made him $1 billion.

Now he’s so convinced by Crypto #1, he’s taken an ENORMOUS $37,300,000,000 stake in its success.

Odds are… that’s more money than you or I will ever personally see in our lifetimes.

Yet for him, it’s just the seed money that could set him up to become the world’s 1st trillionaire.

This is THE tipping point for the inevitable crypto event of 2023

I believe that this crypto getting SEC approval could, by itself, be THE tipping point that pushes crypto use into every corner of our society.

Replacing international money payments... perhaps even mortgages, car loans, and business loans.

As Brian Brooks, Comptroller of the Currency at the U.S. Treasury Department, put it…

The best part is:

You can get in BEFORE the world’s major investment banks and set yourself up to create a vast personal fortune for generations to come!

This is truly a rare opportunity for regular investors to get into something before Wall Street.

Wall Street’s large investment banks have been lining up... chomping at the bit for over two years... waiting for the regulation to be put in place.

But there’s no such restriction preventing you from buying into this crypto before they get their hands on it.

You can easily buy into it now at any cryptocurrency exchange starting with as little as a single dollar.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before. I’ll show you exactly how... step-by-easy-step.

But first, I need to show you the second crypto I’m so hot under the collar about... because I believe it’s about to transform the business world... and could make you a millionaire in the months ahead...

Crypto #2:
Unleashed in the business world

Crypto #2 is the “king of the blockchain” — the technology that powers cryptocurrencies.

Now, I haven’t mentioned blockchain yet, but this is what all cryptocurrency is based on.

Blockchain is basically blocks of information written in a chain, one after another.

In the physical world, we record things in books... like notebooks and ledgers.

But in the digital world, these kinds of things are written in blocks of information that just get added to the previous block of info.

Not too different from the way you fill one page in a notebook after another.

So a blockchain is just a record of transactions, like a bank ledger that keeps a running track of account balances.

The point you need to know is that...

Blockchains record digital currency transactions, so they don’t need to be recorded (and controlled) by banks or governments.

That’s how bitcoin works.

Every bitcoin transaction is recorded on its blockchain. And nobody can tamper with it... or control who uses it.

But each cryptocurrency has its own blockchain designed for a different purpose. That’s what makes each cryptocurrency unique from others.

Like the first coin I showed you...

It was specifically designed for the banking system so it can record not only money transactions... but transactions of stocks, bonds, and other commodities too.

And some blockchains are even more sophisticated and can automate many other transactions besides money.

A great example of this is with the insurance giant, State Farm.

The company started using Crypto #2 because its blockchain doesn’t specialize in money transactions... but in business transactions...

The repetitive kind that takes office workers hours to do every single day.

As a result, State Farm was able to eliminate 80% of its paperwork... save millions of dollars in office costs... and slash the time it takes to send claim payments from several months to a single day.

And State Farm isn’t the only company using this crypto...

This crypto has one of the most technically advanced blockchains around. Even more powerful than Bitcoin.

So much so, that Forbes proclaimed that blockchains will usher in the fourth industrial revolution...

Just like Crypto #1, this coin is also undergoing major changes... ones designed to make its blockchain up to 100 times more powerful than it already is today.

That’s like upgrading your internet connection from dial-up to fiber optic... or your flip phone to a new iPhone.

As you can imagine, no company will be able to stay competitive without this crypto’s blockchain technology.

Its use will skyrocket.

And so will its value.

“$1 million per coin”

Recently, Goldman Sachs did their own investigation into this crypto. They predicted its value would shoot up after the blockchain upgrade... and soar past bitcoin.

In fact, one Goldman insider claims that it may trade for as much as $1 million per coin within the next few years.

That would make it an incredible 33,200% gain for anyone getting into it today.

In short, a gain like that would be enough to:

There’s obviously no way to predict what its price will do... and it goes without saying that you should never invest more than you’re willing to walk away from.

Yet these are the kind of gains you could be looking at if Goldman Sachs’ analysis comes true.

This coin’s upgrade is a BIG deal.

Crypto insiders claim it's "the key to mass adoption." And could, by itself, be THE tipping point that unleashes cryptocurrencies into everyday use.

Regardless of whether it’s Crypto #1 or Crypto #2 that sets off crypto’s tipping point... there’s one thing we can count on...

Perhaps even more so when you consider the exciting news behind Crypto #3...

Crypto #3:
Bigger than the Internet?

Crypto #3 is already becoming one of the most widely-accepted cryptocurrencies around.

Many businesses, including Home Depot, Whole Foods, and Microsoft, already let you use it to check out.

The thing is — until recently, it simply wasn’t as easy to use as cash or a bank card.

But this coin has just received a major upgrade as well. And it changes everything. Paying with this coin is about to become as simple as tapping your card at the counter.

It’s making so many waves that the Financial Post announced...

The code for this crypto’s upgrade has just been released.

And now, businesses around the world are racing to bring you the ability to use this coin.

Already billions of people around the world are using it to shop at stores, restaurants, hotels, and gas stations.

This is a HUGE evolution in the way cryptocurrencies are used.

When you take into account all the other catalysts I mentioned... the government’s destruction of the U.S. dollar... the banking system upgrade... and the stampede of billionaires getting in...

The success of this crypto is all but inevitable...

In fact, many of the world’s top analysts have chimed in on this coin’s potential...

The great news is you don’t have to be a billionaire to invest in this coin!

You could stake your claim with as little as $10 and watch your wealth grow.

Today you have a rare chance to get in before VISA, banks, and other financial institutions make it widely available.

There’s a whole lot more I want to share with you about these 3 cryptocurrencies. More than I can put into this presentation.

That’s why I prepared a comprehensive report, with everything you need to know... so you can take advantage of it early.

My report is called, 3 Coins that Could Put You on the Path to Becoming a Crypto Millionaire.

Crypto is at a tipping point.

And if you don’t get in now... I’m afraid you’ll miss out on the chance to make a massive profit...

I’ll show you how you can get your hands on this report for FREE, in just a moment.

But first, I want to address the elephant in the room…

I realize this may be your first foray into crypto, so I want to assure you...

It’s not as hard (or as scary) as the Wall Street fat cats, financial media, and even big banks would have you believe.

My goal is to take as much of the hassle and hard work out of it as possible.

Which is why, in addition to your 3 Coins report, you’ll also get instant access to...

3 easy steps to your very first crypto

If you’ve never bought any cryptocurrencies before, you’re about to embark on the most exciting and potentially most profitable journey of your life.

That’s why I’ve prepared a primer to make it as easy as possible to get started.

You’ll get all this info in my primer, Crypto 101: How to Get Started with Cryptocurrencies in 10 Minutes.

Together with my 3 Coins report… these two resources are valued at $400.

But I’d like to send them to you right now... completely FREE.

All I ask in return is that you also give my service, the Capital Wealth Letter a fair try.

Capital Wealth Letter is where I share all kinds of investment opportunities (including cryptocurrencies) on a monthly basis.

Let me tell you a bit about it, so you can see if it’s something you’d be interested in...

How to avoid Wall Street’s hype... and beat them at their own game

Even with our historic bull market that has seen the S&P more than triple over the past decade...

The average investor only grew their retirement account by about $16,000.

That’s nowhere near what it would take most people to pay off a mortgage or buy a new car… let alone retire.

It’s no surprise, considering most investors followed Wall Street’s “advice” and avoided cryptocurrencies, or got into “hot” IPO deals only when Wall Street insiders were offloading them for their own huge profits.

I’ve seen it time and again as a Registered Financial Advisor.

I had to hold back opportunities with huge profit potential and toe the line with my brokerages and Wall Street’s mainstream “advice.”

Not because I wanted to.

But because legally, I didn’t have a choice.

SEC laws prevented me from recommending opportunities like the one I’m showing you here.

That’s one of the main reasons I decided to walk away from the money management business and joined up with an independent research firm, StreetAuthority.

We share the same mission: to help regular investors generate life-changing wealth by showing them opportunities you normally wouldn’t hear about on CNBC or read in the mainstream press.

Here, I’m free to share the best investment opportunities I find, no matter what they might be or where they are found. So you can make the most out of your hard-earned savings...

But I want to make one thing crystal clear… crypto isn’t the only thing I cover inside Capital Wealth Letter.

Instead, I look for the best opportunities to invest in, no matter where they may be...

That’s just a taste of the trades we’ve released.

And frankly, the feedback we’ve gotten from some readers who’ve taken action on these recommendations, speaks for itself...

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These are all real subscribers of my financial research service, Capital Wealth Letter.

Each of them has their own personal story. Their own struggles. Their own exceptional success. And I obviously can’t promise your results will be the same as theirs.

Nothing in the market is guaranteed after all, and not every opportunity I recommend racks up double and triple-digit gains… some of our trades do turn against us from time to time.

And as always, when it comes to investing, you should NEVER put in more than you’re willing to walk away from.

Also, keep in mind that I don’t expect these gains to drop into our laps all at once…

When you join me today, be aware that to see the full effects of this Crypto Convergence, be prepared to hold these investments (and ride the gains) for years to come.

However, these closed trades along with the incredible feedback from my readers are proof of the profit potential inside Capital Wealth Letter.

Now, before I forget, I promised to show you a way to invest in cryptocurrencies through your broker.

So let me show you my secret...

How to buy crypto through your stockbroker

You may have seen ads for crypto ETFs on your favorite financial websites.

But if you looked closely at the fine print, you’d see that none of those ETFs actually held bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Instead, they’re made up of cryptocurrency futures contracts...

A type of investment created by Wall Street that’s more volatile — and much riskier — than anything I’d want to put my money into.

The great news is, that there is another way to invest in crypto through your brokerage account.

It has nothing to do with Wall Street’s risky futures contracts and lets you invest in actual cryptocurrencies.

That means you can even take a portion of your existing IRA, Roth IRA, or regular brokerage account… and put it into crypto right away if you’d like.

This is the quickest and easiest way I know of to get started.

I’ve put all the details into a special report called How to Buy Crypto Through Your Broker.

It’s yours free, along with the other Cryptocurrency Reports I mentioned...

That’s $500 worth of financial research I’ll send you completely FREE when you try my service...

But let me make one thing clear again... Capital Wealth Letter is NOT just a crypto advisory.

As I said earlier, at StreetAuthority I’m not bound by rules that keep me from revealing the best profit opportunities no matter where I find them...

I cover everything from long-term wealth-builders to game-changing tech stocks and everything in between.

Whether it’s a play on the new electric vehicle market, AI, or a hot explosive IPO... if there’s a shot at making a substantial profit, I won’t leave a single stone unturned.

So in addition to the incredible crypto opportunity I told you about, here’s everything you’re about to unlock...

Here’s everything you get with Capital Wealth Letter

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Nathan Slaughter
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