Heavy hitters from Apple… Google… Tesla… Ford… LinkedIn…
Toyota… PayPal… Intel and Virgin Galactic have all bet big on…

The One Technology
That Could End America’s “9-5 Nightmare”

(Here’s a simple play on one odd $5 underdog that could pack your portfolio with gains up to 1,342%)

Dear Reader,

Let me set the scene…

It’s 5:30 pm on Friday.

It’s been a long, stressful week… your boss has given you hell every day… your obnoxious co-workers made it impossible to concentrate… and the cold coffee and stale doughnuts they leave out for you… well, it isn’t near enough to make up for the little piece of your soul you give up each and every day.

You’re dead tired and just want to get home to crash in your favorite recliner and crack open a cold one.

Too bad…

Because it’s 5:30…

On a Friday

And your view for the next two hours will be something like this…


Like millions of other Americans… this was my weekly routine for years…

My “9-5 Nightmare.”

And while my trips to the office are few and far between these days… the sheer number of hours wasted waiting in traffic over the years STILL makes my blood pressure go up just thinking about it.

I mean really think about it: we’ve put man on the moon… developed life-saving vaccines in no time flat… and have supercomputers that wirelessly access every ounce of information the human race has ever uncovered (and we carry them in our pocket)…

But NOBODY has figured out how to put an end to the soul-crushing congestion that plagues so many of America’s commuters.

And despite promises from politicians and city planners, it just gets worse year after year.

After a brief lull due to the pandemic, traffic spiked heavily last year as Americans began their return to “normal.”

Traffic soared…

And in Fort Pierce, FL, it shot up a shocking 2,741%!

The sheer amount of waste from this congestion is sickening.

First, there’s the mind-boggling amount of time that the average American spends just sitting in traffic.

In Los Angeles alone, it’s estimated that traffic eats as much as 119 hours per year.

Nationwide, one study estimated that Americans spend nearly seven working days stuck in traffic — that’s seven full days that could have been spent sharing time with loved ones or doing whatever else YOU want.

Small wonder all this lost time and fuel cost the American people more than $53 billion last year!

And keep in mind, this was when average gas prices were as low as $2.33 a gallon.

Now, with inflation pushing the price of gasoline to record highs, Americans will be forced to pay more for the “pleasure” of sitting in traffic day after day…

It’s a brutal one-two punch.

Yet despite all the escalating waste, frustration, and costs experienced by commuters each day, politicians seem more interested in taking care of their fat-cat donors than the needs of the American people.

But why would they… many of them don’t have to worry about traffic.

As one Congresswoman said about her colleagues, “You know, they sleep on their couches, they then get up in the morning, sneak downstairs to the members’ gym, shower, change their clothes, and come back up for work.”

Likely, the only time many of them need to worry about traffic is on their trip home – or to the Hamptons on the weekends.

But there is hope for us…

Because what the politicians don’t realize is this: a solution HAS arrived…

One that could finally put an end to the mental and financial anguish of American commuters in one fell swoop…

And make early investors a tidy fortune.

The little-known $5 company behind this solution is not only partnered with one of the world’s most popular transportation companies — it also has the full support of engineers and executives from many of the world’s biggest corporations.

I’m talking Apple… Tesla… Intel… Google… LinkedIn… PayPal… Ford… Toyota… Intel… Virgin Galactic.

They’re ALL lining up behind the company whose ground-breaking technology could be just weeks away from being unleashed on the world.

And which stands to dominate a burgeoning $9 trillion market.

One that Barron’s is hailing as…

The next big thing.”

And better yet… right now you can pick up this company for around $5 a share.

The groundbreaking technology behind this new market hasn’t grabbed the cover of Forbes or Newsweekyet.

But know this…

Just as the internet, smartphones, and personal computers now dominate our world… making everybody’s lives easier…

In my opinion, this technology will become a part of our everyday lives… liberating the American people from the soul-crushing torture that is traffic congestion.

Seeking Alpha calls this technology “genuinely disruptive”… and the $5 company behind it a “potential behemoth.”

And as history shows, companies behind disruptive technologies and business models are the ones that are most likely to shower the most outrageous fortunes on investors.

Especially for investors who spot them early on.

Take Apple for instance…

The tech giant holds the distinction of being the world’s first company to reach a $1 trillion valuation… and they didn’t stop there…

Not long after, they rocketed past $2 trillion…

And for a brief time, Apple even broke past $3 trillion in 2021.

Over the last five years, Apple’s share price has gone up 284%.

That’s almost unheard of (especially for such a large company).

But just imagine you were one of the few to recognize the revolutionary potential of the iPhone and how it would put the entirety of the world’s knowledge in your pocket when it was released in June 2007.

If you made your move then, by the end of 2021 you could have raked in gains of 3,904%.


That’s enough to turn a small $500 stake into as much as $19,520 in pure profits.

Then there’s Microsoft, which forever transformed computer operating systems.

Over just the last five years alone, it’s gone up as much as 278%.

But just imagine if you were able to spot Microsoft’s potential early on — how it would bring the computer age into the average American home — and picked up shares right as it went public at the dawn of the PC revolution in 1986.

You could have made 266,862% gains since then!


That’s enough to turn a small $1,000 investment into more than $2.6 million!

More recently, there’s Amazon.

If you had invested in it five years ago, you’d now be up 143%.

Back in 1997, few could have guessed that this odd little outfit selling books online would soon become the behemoth that dominates darn near everything.

But for those who recognized the disruptive potential of its business model — putting virtually anything you could want within arm’s reach (often in 2 days or less) — and picked up shares early on…

Fortunes were waiting.

In this case, if you had invested in Amazon at its IPO in 1997, by the end of 2019 you would have been sitting on gains of 113,000%.


That’s enough to turn a small $2,000 investment into $2,274,489.

As you can see, when it comes to disruptive companies, it REALLY pays to get in EARLY — long before they become headline news.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

Because the $5 company I mentioned earlier has developed a new disruptive technology.

Which could do for transportation what Microsoft did for computers… making them truly personal…

What Apple did for cell phones…. putting the entirety of the world’s information at your fingertips…

And what Amazon did for retail… allowing you to get anything your heart desires and have it delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks of your mouse.

It’s why it not only has the support of the big companies mentioned above — it’s also why big Wall Street banks like Blackrock, Vanguard, and Morgan Stanley are taking a stake in it.

And so is the company’s CEO, who is now its #1 shareholder.

Last I checked, he’s bought 59,599,028 million shares of this stock… worth roughly $280 million at the time of this writing.

If that doesn’t scream confidence in this company… I don’t know WHAT does.

So how can you get a piece of the action and set yourself to profit right alongside him…

For a shot at raking in gains up to 1,342%?

I’ll get to that in just a moment, but first, a proper introduction is in order…

JR ButtsMy name is J.R. Butts.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at StreetAuthority, one of the most trusted financial research firms.

I spend a majority of my waking hours each week in search of game-changing companies… poring over trade journals and SEC filings. My Rolodex is crammed with the contact information of dozens of CEOs, brokers, and bankers that I’m regularly in contact with.

It’s a lot of work, but it pays off when I uncover opportunities like the one I’m sharing with you today…

The $5 stock that’s set to dominate this budding $9 trillion market with its highly disruptive technology…

What makes me so confident this $5 underdog will “shoot the moon”?

I believe transparency is key to the start of any good relationship… so let me give you a quick rundown on how I arrived at this projection.

While past performance is never an indicator of future results… it can serve to give guidance, IF you know what to look for…

In 2021, the global ride-share market (Uber, Lyft, etc.) was valued at $85.8 billion.

However, this sector is projected to rocket to $185.83 billion by 2026.

Using the projected 2026 market size of $185 billion — we can get an idea of how high the price of our $5 “superstar stock” could grow, should it begin to capture market share.

Currently, it’s estimated that Uber controls over 70% of the ride-sharing market. Lyft has been slowly eating away at that, and as more competitors come online, one can assume that Uber’s market share will shrink.

Especially if we’re talking about something as revolutionary as this new transportation technology I’ll reveal in just a moment.

Over the last five years, investors (on average) have been willing to pay 5 times sales for shares of Uber and Lyft.

Let’s say that our pick is able to capture just 5% of this $185 billion market. That would give the company sales north of $9.2 billion, or roughly $15 per share. Multiply that by Uber and Lyft’s price-to-sales multiple of 5, and you get $75 per share.

Which if this catapults to around $75 per share, would hand us a 1,342% gain.

Imagine, one trade that could turn a tiny $1,000 stake into $14,420…

$3,000 into $43,260…

Or $5,000 into $72,100.

For example, if they take 7% of the market, that would have this company sitting on a stock price of around $107 per share — a 2,057% gain.

Of course, I can’t promise that it’ll go that high… and there is a chance it doesn’t pan out at all.

It’s true what they say — nothing in investing is guaranteed.

But even if it only delivers half of what I think is possible, I can’t imagine anyone complaining about a 671% gain from a single stock.

That’s enough to turn a small $3,000 stake into $20,130…

A $5,000 stake into $33,550…

Or a $7,000 stake into as much as $46,970.

Just how would a windfall like that change your life?

What would you do with it all?

Would you stay at a chateau in the south of France for a week… or 3?

castle in france

Fly your extended family back home for a big reunion?

family reunion

Or make sure your grandchildren get nothing less than a first-class college education?


Whatever your goals, investing in this game-changer could help make them happen.

But what on earth is this disruptive transportation technology I’ve been talking about — and HOW could the company behind it hand you such massive gains?

Look up in the sky… it’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s your Uber?!?

First, imagine starting your morning commute by stepping into something that looks like this…


Then quietly gliding through the sky on your way to work…

You look down at the bustling city streets below, crammed bumper to bumper… content in the knowledge that the two-hour commute that sucked the life out of you has been cut back to a calm, pleasant 10 minutes.

After a short while, you land and walk a few blocks to your office.

The cost to you? If all goes to plan, no more than a standard Uber ride.

This may sound like science fiction… but as you’ll see, this day is coming faster than ever.

Because while personal air travel is currently a luxury reserved for the fattest of the fat cats — that’s about to change thanks to this little-known $5 company.

Which is why you need to pay close attention to what I’m going to reveal over the next few minutes.

Because if you want any hope of raking in the gains I see on the horizon, you need to make a move on this company NOW before the rest of the “smart money” realizes what they’re missing out on…

A booming new market that Morgan Stanley estimates will exceed $1.5 trillion by 2040 and reach $9 trillion by 2050, accounting for 6% of U.S. GDP.

I’m talking about the market for electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles.

Or what are commonly referred to as air taxis.

And they promise to change the face of American transportation forever — just as surely as the automobile and airplane once did.

As they do, investors who recognize their revolutionary potential and get in on the ground floor, stand to make an absolute fortune.

And the $5 company I mentioned earlier is right at the forefront of making it happen.

Not only does it stand to be the very first company to market with FAA-approved air taxis next year…

As I’ll show you, I believe it has everything it needs to completely DOMINATE this thrilling new industry for years to come.

Investors who make the right move today could watch every $1,000 invested in this company blossom into $14,420… every $5,000 rocket to $72,100…

And a bold $10,000 invested?

That could launch profits to a wallet-stuffing $144,200.

I’ll show you everything you need to get in on this amazing opportunity, but first…

Why am I so confident that we’ll soon see THIS $5 company’s air taxis dominating the skies?

Because while its competitors are still in the testing phase, this company is already far, far along in the FAA approval process.

Just recently, it received its Part 135 Air Carrier Certificate from the FAA — making it the first and ONLY company in America allowed to begin on-demand commercial air taxi operations.

Keep in mind, it still can’t fly passengers… yet.

But it’s only two more certifications away from that becoming a reality.

And while nobody has a crystal ball, I’m confident that this company could achieve liftoff within the next year… thanks to its recent acquisition of an aerospace software engineering firm with a long history of helping aviation companies secure FAA certifications.

Then there are the air taxis themselves — a technological marvel…

They’re powered entirely by electric batteries (and completely emission-free)…

Can reach speeds of over 200 miles an hour (over 40 miles faster than the average helicopter and the fastest speed achieved by any air taxi)…

And, unlike helicopters, they make virtually no noise at all!

So what happens when this $5 company receives FAA approval for its revolutionary air taxis?

For one thing, it will have an entirely brand-new market all to itself — while its competitors race to play catchup.

But even if its competitors are quick to get their own taxis in the air, they’re still going to be as far behind as a one-legged runner in a marathon.


Well, as I mentioned earlier, not only does this little dynamo already have the support of some of the world’s biggest companies, but it has also formed a partnership with one of the most popular transportation services of all time…


You may not remember this, but in 2016 Uber made waves with Uber Elevate, its own version of an airborne ride-hailing service.

Unfortunately, Uber must have realized they were just a bit too far ahead of the game… which is why the project was sold to this little $5 company.

And while not putting their focus into creating their own line of air taxis any longer, they’re not afraid to keep a little skin in the game.

Which is likely why it invested $125 million in this $5 air taxi company.

Thanks to their partnership, our pick will be available for use on the Uber app — giving it instant access to 90 million potential customers and saving it untold millions on marketing and branding…

And we all know that familiarity breeds quick adoption.

Think about it: ordering an air taxi could soon be just as easy as pressing a button on your phone… from the same app you already use to order groceries, food, and of course a ride to the airport when needed.

But that’s not all Uber brings to the table in this partnership.

This company also has access to all of Uber’s patents relating to aerial ride-sharing technology such as fleet and infrastructure utilization… routing… air traffic coordination… app technology… and takeoff and landing infrastructure.

As you can imagine, having instant access to a massive customer base, along with this kind of patented tech at its disposal puts this $5 company LIGHT YEARS ahead of the competition.

Another reason this little-known company is way closer to the finish line than its competitors is because of a real estate deal it inked.

You see, before air taxis can be launched, there has to be an entire network of “sky ports” they can take off and land from.

Well, last year this $5 company announced a partnership with one of America’s biggest parking garage operators to develop these sky ports in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York — some of the busiest, most congested cities in America.

All while its competitors are still stuck in the testing phase!

I hope you can see why of the 250 companies racing into the booming, brand-new air taxi market, THIS is the one I’m so excited about.

And why it’s more urgent than ever for you to grab a piece of it before the mass of investors realize what they’re missing.

And it just keeps getting better…

You see, the consumer market isn’t the only sector this $5 superstar is moving in on.

It’s also currently sitting on $40 million in contracts from the U.S. Air Force for flight testing and evaluation and expects to win an additional $100 million to identify opportunities for its air taxis to support logistics and emergency medical support.

No question about it: between consumer and military contracts, this little dynamo has a TON on its plate.

But if you want in on the action before main street investors catch on to what Blackrock, Vanguard, Uber, Google, Apple, Tesla, and all the rest already know… you need to make your move and stake your claim NOW…

report coverTo help you do so, I’ve created a blockbuster new report, Sky-High Profits: How to Bank Big Gains from a Booming New Market.

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As I mentioned earlier, my name is J.R. Butts.

I have the good fortune to be able to eat, live, and breathe investing.

As you can imagine, most investors can’t spend their days glued to a computer screen, sifting through stock charts…. scouring through financial statements…. or poring over new patent filings. And they’re not going to have much luck getting a CEO on the phone.

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Look, you’ve just seen the power and profit potential this new air taxi market holds...

You’ve seen how the $5 company I mentioned could easily get its air taxis approved by the FAA next year — far ahead of the competition...

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To Your Wealth,

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