With over 136,000 readers and one of the strongest research teams in the business, independent financial research outfit StreetAuthority is once again going out on a limb with a series of startling new forecasts, including…

[Breaking] New Prediction for August 2022!

Amazon to deliver to your door in 30 minutes or less… and this tiny $2.00 stock could be the key to windfall profits

Look out… it’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s…. your Amazon order?

This “prediction” is already coming to fruition… but this profit opportunity is JUST starting to heat up.

Their first “Prime Air” customer ordered a TV and 13 minutes after clicking “order” it dropped off at his doorstep.

That blows away two-day Prime shipping.

Like the personal computer, the Internet, and the smartphone before them, drones will revolutionize daily life. These pilot-less aircraft are one of the most compelling investment opportunities you’ll see in your lifetime.

Google, CVS, and Walmart are all throwing their hat in the ring, but in our updated report, I lay out a strong case for a small company whose drones can fly anywhere in the world, even where there is no GPS.

They can be used by the military, construction, surveillance, oil & gas explorers, and by EMTs and other first responders. It has even won a NASA contract to provide the drones for an upcoming mission to Mars.

It’s financially solid, with $56 million in cash and plenty of sales. Plus the stock is cheap, selling for just 11x sales, vs 31x for its competitors. This tiny $2 stock is our top speculative “buy” for mid-2022… get in now while this stock still has room to run!

  1. A private company will blanket the Earth in high-speed internet from space. By placing satellites 60 times closer to the Earth than other companies, signals will arrive faster and clearer for millions of customers paying $99 per month. The billions in revenue will drop straight to the bottom line since the costs are fixed. Details on this tantalizing opportunity below.
  2. Cryptocurrencies will surge again in 2022… but the big winner won’t be Bitcoin, Binance, or Ethereum. We think another crypto is now a better bet for new investors. It is 321 times faster than its prime competitor and we think it could surpass it in value by the end of 2022. That’s a potential 2,778% gain from here.
  3. Interest rates will surge in 2022, slaughtering bonds, and devastating millions of unprepared income investors. If the bond market crashes, that’s bad news for everyone — even if you don’t own bonds. There are few escape routes from the bond debacle that the average investor is familiar with. But we’ve found a handful of obscure lifelines that could make 2022 the most lucrative year of your life. See our full story below for your next steps.
  4. War will erupt in the Middle East, but not over oil. The true life-and-death resource in this parched area of the world is water. Most people forget that the Six Day War was triggered by an Arab plan to divert the Jordan River away from Israel. When war erupts in the Middle East over water again, any water-creation technology will be seen as an invaluable peace-maker. See below for the “sleeper” investment to profit from the increasing scarcity of nature’s most critical resource.
  5. A new miracle fiber will hit the market that’s 35x tougher than steel. Scientists are fascinated with this new material… because it is absolutely bullet-proof… and has the elasticity and lightness of nylon. This is a speculative play and there are no guarantees. But the stock is currently so cheap that you can pick up 1,000 shares for the cost of dinner out. See our story below for details.
  6. “Flying taxis” will start operating in Los Angeles. Nimble personal aircraft that can take off and land in city parking lots are already in the air in Shanghai and Berlin. They will be flying in Los Angeles within 18 months, liberating California drivers from their notoriously clogged freeways. This is an opportunity of enormous proportions, similar in many ways to the e-commerce revolution, in which early investors saw returns of up to 180 to 1 on their money. Read on to see why we’re calling this breakthrough the “opportunity of the century.”
  7. The Megadrought in the western United States will get even worse, driving the price of wheat sky-high. The Middle East isn’t the only area affected by a massive megadrought… but this prediction hits much closer to home. Even the slightest hint of drought or flood can trigger a powerful bullish move in the grain markets. Below you’ll see why wheat prices could be ready to soar and why a long position in wheat could be a quick path to wealth… including a scenario where you could walk away with $110,000

Jimmy ButtsMy name is J.R. Butts.

These are the latest forecasts from my research team at StreetAuthority.

In this letter, I will share these and other forecasts with you.

I’ll also tell you how you can receive, completely without risk, an in-depth report that reveals the research and analysis that went into these forecasts.

This report describes specific investment opportunities which can help you reap exceptional profits from each of these predictions. But today I’d like to share the report’s highlights with you…

They Told Us We Were Crazy
to Go Public With Our Predictions

For years now, StreetAuthority has been sending letters like this, alerting investors to the market’s most pressing dangers and profitable opportunities. When we began doing this, people told us we were crazy. “You’re bound to be wrong sometimes,” they said, “and that will kill your sales.”

But we felt that investors want clear, unhedged, and accurate forecasts… and we were determined to provide them for all to see. What’s more, we knew we had developed some exclusive forecasting methods that have given us great confidence in these predictions.

As it turned out, investors have enjoyed reading our reports, because everyone’s interested in getting a handle on the future. When they saw that our analyses made good sense, and a good many (though certainly not all) of our forecasts came true, our subscriptions soared.

From our very first round of predictions, we hit pay dirt.

We told our readers to expect “an opportunity of enormous proportions” in nanotechology. Our nanotech pick shot up 354% by the end of the year. Enough to turn a $10,000 stake into a fast $35,400 profit.

We also predicted that an obscure diamond miner in Northern Canada would strike it rich. Our pick rose 622% in the following year.

Year after year, most of our greatest market calls have come from our annual forecasts…

Of course, there’s no guarantee our new forecasts will be as profitable as these earlier ones. Speculative picks like the ones we’re making here today can go down as fast as they go up. But when I reviewed the new crop with our publisher, he told me that he felt these could be some of the most lucrative recommendations in our organization’s history.

Please bear in mind that when I discuss a specific investment, we are a totally independent publisher, with no affiliation to any brokerage or investment products. We live and die on our subscription revenues.

When you run an investment publication on subscription fees alone, you’re not in business long unless your advice makes money for your customers. So please consider this letter a free sample of what our readers receive every month.

Later in this bulletin I’ll describe how we have been able to select winning investments so consistently. I’ll share with you our cardinal principle of successful investing — a principle that will help you systematically build your wealth while others, following the latest Wall Street fad, are inevitably fleeced.

For now, though, I want to get back to our current forecasts, so you can see our latest thinking. Of course, in a letter like this, we can only hit the highlights. There’s simply not enough room for all of the data, projections, analysis, and judgment that go into each of these forecasts.

So I’ve compiled all this research into an exclusive report called The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2022. To get the full story on each of these opportunities, I urge you to request a copy of the full report.

I’ll tell you how to get the report in a moment. But first, let’s get to our seven latest forecasts…

Prediction #1

Elon Musk Will Send Thousands of Satellites into Orbit, and Blanket the Globe in
High-Speed Wi-Fi

rocketElon Musk’s SpaceX is the most audacious space program since NASA’s Apollo program.

SpaceX has revolutionized the business model of rocketry. It costs NASA $152 million  launch a rocket and put a satellite into space. But by reusing rockets, SpaceX saves so much money that it can launch that same rocket for $2 million. That’s 99% less.

This hyper-efficient approach has won it a good share of the global launch market. In 2020 SpaceX launched 26 rockets — even more than Russia. The U.S. Air Force is using Musk’s company to launch its spy satellites… and NASA is using it to launch rockets into space for them.

Along the way, SpaceX has racked up an impressive series of private-company firsts: first to put a spaceship in orbit… first to land a rocket on a landing pad at sea… first to re-launch a used rocket… and first to launch a payload into orbit then land it back on Earth.

And now SpaceX looks like it will be the first company to blanket every inch of the world’s surface in high-speed broadband.

Its billionaire CEO is launching thousands of satellites, aiming to sell an internet connection to almost anyone on the planet. No matter how remote their location.

The genius move here is that Musk is placing his satellites into orbit just 340 miles above Earth (instead of 22,000 miles like traditional satellites). Since they’re 60 times closer, signals can get to the user faster and clearer.

That’s why this connection is so fast — because the signal only needs to travel 1/64th of the distance to get to you.

Musk’s dream of beaming superfast internet across the world from space is unfolding as you read this.

SpaceX is launching up to 60 satellites a week, aiming to have 42,000 in orbit over the next decade.

As of June, roughly 1,800 were in orbit. This already makes it the world’s largest commercial satellite constellation.

His system is already online in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

SpaceX has shipped more than 100,000 satellite internet terminals to customers in 14 countries… and each customer is paying $99 per month.

People who were never online before are now enjoying internet speeds up to 200 times faster than what you’re probably getting.

Musk’s new project could completely disrupt the $2.5 trillion telecom cartel ruled by the likes of Comcast and CenturyLink… and make early investors extremely rich.

Although what happened once isn’t guaranteed to happen again, Paypal and Tesla are both proof positive that it’s usually a good idea to bet (and bet BIG) on Musk.

PayPal, the online payments company he co-founded turned $10,000 into $425,184.

If you’d invested in Tesla’s IPO in 2010, you could have made 22,817%.

But Musk says he expects his newest breakthrough to generate more revenue every year than either PayPal or Tesla.

Unfortunately, SpaceX isn’t a publicly traded stock… and may never be. But we’ve found a “backdoor” that could allow us to hitch a ride on Musk’s interplanetary ambitions.

In fact, it’s the only way I’m aware of for an investor to right now. Buy in now, and as a nice little side-bonus you’ll also get a slice of a self-driving taxi service.

Prediction #2

The Big Crypto Winner in 2022 Will Blow Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Out of the Water

bitcoinIn a world under increasing assault by hackers, identity thieves, and government surveillance, the use of private digital “cryptocurrencies” is exploding.

Unlike traditional bank accounts, your crypto account can never be garnished, frozen, or seized. No business can track you and no government can take your money away.

It is also more private because instead of going through a bank, cryptocurrency is exchanged directly from person to person in complete anonymity.

That’s all great news for anyone determined to keep their financial life “off the grid.” But what’s most impressive is how incredibly fast these currencies have appreciated.

An alert investor who put $1,000 into Ark crypto at its launch could have cashed out a month later with up to $1,020,000.

Another crypto, called NEO, launched at just 3.2 cents… and later hit $162.11. That’s a 5,066-fold gain. If you had bought $1,000 of it at the start you could have walked away with $5.1 million.

But the big banana is Bitcoin.

The Economist points out that “Anyone clever or lucky enough to have bought $1,000 of Bitcoin in July 2010… would now have a stash worth $46 million.”

Just think — a single $1,000 investment in Bitcoin, and neither you nor your children would ever have to work again.

Of the thousands of digital currencies out there, Bitcoin has emerged as the “blue chip” of the bunch. It accounts for 45% of the total market cap in this sphere.

But at this point, we think another digital currency is a better bet for new investors.

The feather in its cap is that it runs the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry.

While Bitcoin can process seven transactions per second, and Ethereum 14 per second, this network processes 4,500 transactions per second.

Beyond its lightning-quick transaction speeds, the network offers a vast ecosystem of lending, borrowing, communication, and games

Although this coin has been around for barely a year, it is spreading like wildfire.

Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the country, just added it to its trading platform in September.

Management has lined up several new product releases… and now that it’s trading on Coinbase, making it easier than ever for investors to buy it, a new wave of demand is all but guaranteed.

Currently sporting a market cap of $14 billion, we think it could surpass its prime competitor Ethereum’s $403 billion market cap by the end of 2022. That would give you a 2,778% gain from here.

Of course, there’s no guarantees here, but like every boom in history, this early-adopter “bonanza phase” won’t last forever. So you need to get moving on this while you still can.

Once everybody decides they want a bit of it in their portfolio, it will be like Niagara Falls going through a garden hose.

The time to move is now… because these “alt-coins” move fast, to put it mildly. Last year Ethereum took the title as our top crypto play. Just a few months after we released this prediction, Ethereum was up 459%…. and this new coin has the potential to make Ethereum look like a drop in the bucket.

Prediction #3

Interest Rates Will Surge in 2022,
Slaughtering Bonds, and Causing Pain for
Millions of Income Investors

We’re making this call because we see massive inflation ahead…. and believe that as inflation accelerates, the Fed will slow the money-printing presses.

You don’t need a crystal ball for this one. Fed Chairman Powell has explicitly warned investors that the central bank will start “tapering” the stimulus.

But millions of investors don’t seem to be paying attention — and that is always dangerous…

In 2013, when the Fed simply hinted it would start tapering, bonds plunged.

The bad news is that global debt now stands at $281 trillion, versus $210 trillion in 2013.

A repeat selloff now, with an additional $70 trillion in debt, could be vicious.

When the easy money dries up, and borrowers have to start competing for funds, interest rates will rise as surely as night follows day.

This will be a classic sea-change in a financial arena that’s almost twice as big as the stock market.

Bonds have been in a 40-year bull market as interest rates have drifted steadily lower since 1981.

When the bubble pops, it could take down pension funds and insurance companies with it, because most of their assets are in bonds. And many pension funds are already severely underfunded.

Retirees and savers holding junk bonds searching for yield will be devastated.

If the bond market crashes, that’s bad news for every investor — even if you don’t own bonds. If credit markets freeze and interest rates spike, everybody gets hurt.

There are very few escape routes that the average investor is familiar with. But we’ve found a handful of obscure lifelines so perfectly suited for what happens next that they could make the coming few years the most lucrative investment stretch of your life.

When the bond market snaps, so many desperate investors will be crowding into these rare financial lifeboats that all you need to do is get in now… and watch as a flood of buying pressure pushes them higher.

They’ll protect your from out-of-control U.S. government debt… turn the problem on its head… and make you money off it instead.

Do yourself a favor and make this move soon. When the bond market snaps, its owners stand to make tremendous profits…

You’ll find the complete details inside your free personal copy of The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2022.

Prediction #4

The “Sleeper” Investment of 2022 Will Be… Water?

Few Americans realize what a luxury it is to turn on the faucet for a glass of clear, cool water. After all, we simply turn on the tap… and water comes out.

But not everyone is so lucky…

More than one billion people each day don’t get enough water to drink, bathe, or wash clothes.

Every analysis we make suggests that the water shortage is going worsen — even here in the U.S. millions of people are pouring into California, Arizona, and Florida, where there just isn’t enough fresh water to support them.

Because people will spend their last dime for a substance they need to survive, we’re bullish on water. Rising water prices will make fortunes for investors who position themselves now to profit from the impending shortage.

The easiest and most obvious way to profit is to buy water-company stocks.

But these utilities are highly-regulated, and many have infrastructure more than 100 years old. There are better ways to profit from this looming crisis.

Our favorite is a little-known company that started buying up water rights years ago in Nevada and Arizona. The region is suffering from droughts and the competition for irrigation is fierce. By holding substantial water rights, it is “banking” water in increasingly valuable underground vaults.

This forward-thinking firm has set itself up for years of profits in selling “blue gold.” We profile it in The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2022.

Prediction #5

A New Miracle Fiber Will Hit the Market
That’s 35x Tougher Than Steel…
And Cheaper Than Kevlar

You’re looking at what might just be the next biotech breakthrough.

Yes, it looks like an average spider.

It has eight legs like any other spider… but it is special in one critical way: This little guy has been genetically modified to produce an incredible new type of silk.

Scientists are fascinated with this new material… because it is four times tougher than Kevlar… 35 times stronger than steel… absolutely bullet-proof… and it has the elasticity and lightness of nylon.

The wondrous properties of spider silk have been known for decades. But until now, no one has been able to produce enough of it for industrial use.

The one time it was seriously tried, it took more than a million spiders and 70 people working for four years to make a single piece of fabric measuring 11 by 4 feet. Not exactly cost-effective.

But now a lab in Michigan has found a way to produce spider silk another way… by inserting specific gene sequences from the golden orb weaving spider into silkworms. The silkworm then spins a recombinant fiber incorporating spider silk proteins.

Textiles woven from this new silk are lighter than Kevlar. And unlike nylon they don’t melt, making them perfect for body armor.

They could also be extremely useful in medicine. The human body doesn’t reject this fiber like it does other materials. So, the silk could be used as hair-thin sutures for nerve surgery and skin grafts.

The money has already started flowing. This firm has landed a $1 million contract with the Army to produce a genetically modified “spider silk” for protective armor for soldiers. Granted, it’s a modest sum, but things are progressing quickly.

The company recently announced its strongest silk to date… it has opened factories in Indiana and Texas… and is now starting commercial production.

It’s clearly a speculative play. And there are no guarantees. But the stock is currently so cheap that you can pick up 1,000 shares for the cost of dinner out.

For the full writeup on this tantalizing speculation, see our story in The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2022.

Prediction #6

Best Investment of the Decade:
Flying Taxis?

flying carThe next investment I want to tell you about is the kind of money-making opportunity that presents itself only once every decade or so, and no investor — from the cautious widow to the high-rolling speculator — can afford to ignore it.

The closest parallel I can think of is smart phones back in the 1990s, when investors who saw the surge coming were rewarded with staggering profits of $140-to-$1.

Today, my team and I are convinced that a once-in-a-decade opportunity for spectacular profits is shaping up in “flying taxis.”

It’s been a pipedream for decades, of course, but the fantasy of flying off to work or play — and waving traffic jams goodbye forever — is finally at hand.

But I’m not talking about privately-owned aircraft — the first wave of aerial vehicles will be taxis for hire.

We already have pilotless drones in the air and autonomous cars on the road, so it’s not much of a stretch to combine these technologies into self-flying taxis.

Fact is, these cabs are already in the air. A self-flying helicopter in China is taking passengers on paying tours above the harbor in the city of Yantal.

In Berlin, you can reserve a ticket for an air-taxi rides around the city for just $35.

Aerospace giants like Boeing or Airbus, and even a few automakers like Toyota, Hyundai, and Porsche are throwing their hats in the ring… all promising to whisk riders through the skies in air taxis.

I truly believe that investing in the right “flying taxi” startup could make you the sort of money that sets you up for life.

After all, we’re not talking about a new vacuum cleaner that cleans your carpets by itself. Air taxis will change the world, liberating millions of people now stuck in smoggy traffic jams… and wasting long hours on buses, subways, and trains.

Billions of dollars are pouring into this industry. The market for on-demand urban air-taxi service alone could top $850 billion by 2040. That’s more revenue than every internet, media, and publishing business in the United States made last year, combined.

The trick of course is picking the winners out of the dozens of companies in the air-taxi race.

If we had to pick just one, we’d give the edge to an outfit in California that has developed a unique electric vehicle that lifts off like a helicopter and then tilts its rotors forward to fly like a plane.

It can carry five people through the air at 200 mph in near-silence… and travel up to 150 miles on a single charge.

Toyota is so impressed by this prototype that is has invested $400 million in it… and is helping to set up its factory in California.

The startup has won an airworthiness certification from the U.S. Air Force, which gave it $40 million to test cargo delivery and search and rescue.

As for the business plan… the company says it will start earning a profit by 2026, on $2 billion in revenue. They promise to launch an air-taxi service by 2023.

Ten years from now, it plans to be generating $20 billion and have 14,000 aircraft flying in 20 cities.

They are already talking to officials in Los Angeles to secure exclusive takeoff and landing zones.

The FAA agrees with this timetable, saying limited service could begin as soon as 2023. That’s barely a year from now!

Management just opened an office in D.C., usually a sign that things are getting serious and it’s time to lobby Congress.

Nothing is etched in stone in this nascent industry, but the potential upside here is huge. Let’s look at some projected valuations…

We know the average tech stock has a price to sales ratio of about 7. So if this pulls in $20 billion a year, it should have market cap of $140 billion, give or take. That’s 28 times higher than it is right now.

In other words, if this all pans out, this $9 stock could easily be trading for $252.

When the opportunity presents itself to get in on the ground floor of something that could change the world, you need to grab it. Because you don’t get this chance often.

Your free copy of The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2022 reveals how you can be among the first investors to participate in this extraordinary opportunity.

Prediction # 7

The “Foul Weather Play” that Could Hand You Huge Profits in 2022

For as far back as I know, speculators have profited from the weather… accumulating food and other commodities in times of plenty when prices are low… and selling them for profit in hard times, when prices are high.

We’re now looking at a picture-perfect set up for you to participate in this age-old way to build wealth.

Here’s today situation…

A punishing drought has destroyed crops in the West, Southwest, and Northern Plains — all key growing regions for wheat. Much of the West and Southwest are under extreme “megadrought” conditions.

This has been especially hard on wheat crops.

In fact, according to the USDA, an astounding 98% of the country’s wheat production is experiencing drought.

As a result, only 16% of the U.S. wheat crop is rated good to excellent, according to the report — the worst since 1988.

The extraordinarily hot, dry start to 2021 damaged the wheat crop significantly. Much of it is no longer worth the cost of harvesting. A farmer in California says, “We have roughly 3,000 acres of wheat, and we think we will probably harvest around 600.”

When rain stops falling, wheat prices react accordingly — they go up.

But the lack of rain is just one factor in the equation. The pandemic, trade wars, and transportation bottlenecks are all lighting a fire under the price of all grains.

Wheat prices are currently at their highest level in nine years.

The last time they spiked like this was in 2012, when low supply and poor weather in several wheat-producing countries caused a sharp uptick in demand for U.S. wheat exports.

Now, after hitting a high of $7.62 a bushel in August, wheat prices have retreated slightly to $7.21.

But don’t let the recent dip fool you: wheat prices could be ready to soar even higher. Even the slightest hint of bad weather could turn the markets on a dime — and trigger a powerful bullish move.

If the weather we get in 2022 is anything like 2021’s, crop yields could slip even more… and that almost guarantees higher wheat prices.

In that case, a long position in wheat could be a quick path to wealth.

In The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2022 we’ll show you simple ways to profit without leaving the stock market.

You don’t need to get involved with commodity brokers or futures contracts. You’ll also find ways to increase your leverage and reduce your risk… all while sticking to widely held securities, with enough volume to get in and out quickly and safely

Pick up your copy of The Hottest Investment Opportunities for 2022and you’ll see a scenario that could let you walk away with $110,000. Full details inside your free report.

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