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With over 136,000 followers and one of the strongest research teams in the business, independent financial research outfit StreetAuthority is once again going out on a limb with a series of startling new forecasts, including…

  1. The United States will go to war in the Middle East. If our bombers take out an Iranian pipeline, oil will shoot past $150 a barrel. Oil stocks will double and triple. Uranium — an oil substitute — will also jump. Gold will soar past $3,500 per ounce in the crisis.
  2. The Fed will stop raising interest rates and reverse course, with the first of four quarter-point cuts. Bond will soar… but there are plenty of other ways to profit as well. See below for our favorite way to position yourself for this surge now.
  3. The SEC will approve a Bitcoin ETF and crypto prices will jump. Bitcoin recently jumped 10% in an hour simply on the rumor that the SEC had given the go-ahead. When it’s official, we could see a replay of what happened in 2017, when Bitcoin jumped from $900 to $20,000 in a year. If that cycle repeats from here, a single bitcoin would be worth $831,000.
  4. Tiny nuclear reactors not much bigger than your house will get the go-ahead. 2024 will finally be the year when small modular nuclear reactors make a commercial breakthrough. Rick Perry, who ran the U.S. Department of Energy, is a big believer. For a short list of companies closest to pay dirt, keep reading.
  5. Marijuana will be reclassified as a Schedule III drug in 2024, opening up the banking system for the first time to the pot industry. But only a few key players will feel the full benefit. For more about the most explosive pot opportunities on the horizon, see our full story below.
  6. A new battery capable of storing industrial-size electric loads will hit the market in 2024. The new power source outperforms lithium batteries by a mile… and can be made for just one-tenth the cost. The first factory is now going up in West Virginia. More on what some are calling “the future of energy” follows.
  7. TikTok will sneak up on Amazon and steal sales from the online giant. The Chinese viral-video sensation is launching an e-commerce app with two billion rabid fans as a built-in customer base. We predict TikTok users will snap up half a trillion dollars of goods online in 2024. You can’t buy stock in TikTok, but there is a backdoor way in. See our full story below for your next step.
  8. Dengue fever will invade the U.S. Americans rarely worry about this killer disease, but two cases have already been confirmed in California. If it spreads, we could see the same investment scenario we saw with Covid-19, when vaccine stocks like Moderna skyrocketed from $19 to $450.
  9. A massive supersonic airline will get the greenlight in 2024. This astonishing new jet is twice as fast as today’s planes. You could leave New York after breakfast and be in London before lunch. The factory is going up in North Carolina right now. American and United have already placed orders. An opportunity for spectacular profits is shaping up here.

My name is Nathan Slaughter.

These are the latest forecasts from me and my research team at StreetAuthority.

In this letter, I will share these and other forecasts with you.

I’ll also tell you how you can receive, completely without risk, an in-depth report that reveals the research and analysis that went into these forecasts.

This report describes specific investment opportunities that hold the potential to help you reap exceptional profits from each of these predictions. But today I’d like to share the report’s highlights with you…

They Told Us We Were Crazy
to Go Public With Our Predictions

For years now, StreetAuthority has been sending out letters like this one, alerting investors to the market’s most pressing dangers and profitable opportunities. When we began doing this, people told us we were crazy. “You’re bound to be wrong sometimes,” they said, “and that will kill your sales.”

But we felt that investors want clear, unhedged, and accurate forecasts, and we were determined to provide them for all to see. What’s more, we knew we had developed some exclusive forecasting methods that have given us great confidence in these predictions.

As it turned out, investors have enjoyed reading our reports, because everyone’s interested in getting a handle on the future. When they saw that our analyses made good sense, and a good many (though certainly not all) of our forecasts came true, our subscriptions soared.

For example, last year we predicted that “an opportunity for spectacular profits is shaping up in driverless trucks.” We recommended a startup that went on to rise 203% before September.

And the year before that, we went out on a limb and flatly stated “Interest rates will surge in 2022, slaughtering bonds, and devastating millions of unprepared income investors.”

Just as we thought, interest rates indeed zoomed higher. Bonds collapsed in their worst year since 1949 and readers who took our advice saw their investment triple by October.

We have a long track record of pinpointing (and profiting from) moves in the financial markets. From our very first round of predictions, way back in 2009, we hit pay dirt.

We told our readers to expect “an opportunity of enormous proportions” in nanotechnology. Our nanotech pick shot up 354% by the end of the year — enough to turn a $10,000 stake into a fast $35,400 profit.

We also predicted that an obscure diamond miner in Northern Canada would strike it rich. Our pick rose  622% in the following year.

That kind of return takes you into big-money territory. Investors who went all-in on this play with a $50,000 stake could have seen it balloon into $361,000 — enough for any dream car they had their eyes on. Or several of them.

Year after year, most of our greatest market calls have come from our annual forecasts.

As the Swine Flu pandemic raged, we recommended a small biotech working on a breakthrough vaccine. Its stock went on to rise more than 400%.

We singled out a sophisticated chipmaker and predicted it would “ring up market-crushing gains” from the global rush into smartphones. The stock is now up 725%. Investors who put $10,000 into this stock when it was recommended could now be sitting on $65,200 in pure profit.

We also picked a title insurance provider we figured would prosper from then-record low mortgage rates. It has gone on to soar 848%, even more than the chipmaker.

In our report for 2015, we highlighted a little-known company that was turning algae into fuel. The stock went on to record an 823% gain by the middle of 2020.

In our 2020 report, we recommended an unusual biotech opportunity that had just gotten a plum contract from the Pentagon. By May of that same year, the stock price had risen 9-fold.

The next year we recommended a Chinese aviation startup whose stock soared from $21 to $124 in six weeks.

Of course, there’s no guarantee our new forecasts will be as profitable as these earlier ones. Speculative picks like the ones we’re making here today can go down as fast as they go up. But when I reviewed the new crop with our publisher, he told me that he felt these could be some of the most lucrative recommendations in our organization’s history.

Please bear in mind that when I discuss a specific investment, we are a totally independent publisher, with no affiliation to any brokerage or investment products. We live and die on our subscription revenues.

When you run an investment publication on subscription fees alone, you’re not in business long unless your advice makes money for your customers. So consider this letter a free sample of what our paying readers receive every month.

Later in this bulletin I’ll describe how we have been able to select winning investments so consistently. I’ll share with you our cardinal principle of successful investing—a principle that will help you systematically build your wealth while others, following the latest Wall Street fad, are inevitably fleeced.

For now, though, I want to get back to our current forecasts, so you can see our latest thinking. Of course, in a letter like this, we can only hit the highlights. There’s simply not enough room for all of the data, projections and analysis that go into each of these forecasts.

For that reason, I’ve compiled all this research into an exclusive report called The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024. To get the full story on each of these opportunities, I urge you to request a copy of the full report.

I’ll tell you how to get the report in a moment. But first, let’s get to our latest forecasts…

Prediction #1

The U.S. Will Go to War in the Middle East

We’ve seen it time and again over the decades, from Korea to Vietnam to Kuwait to Afghanistan to Iraq: war breaks out in a sensitive area of the globe, we send weapons to the side we favor, then we send advisors, then within a year or two American boots are on the ground fighting.

We are likely to see the same scenario play out with the current war between Israel and Hamas. No U.S. official will say it in public, but if Syrian military forces intervene… or if Hezbollah starts overwhelming the Israelis… or Iran becomes actively involved… the United States will take up arms to defend its ally.

American aircraft carriers are already patrolling the eastern Mediterranean. If Israel’s existence is at stake, the U.S. will be compelled to launch air strikes from them.

If an Iranian pipeline is taken out, oil will soar past $150 a barrel, breaking the $147 record price it hit in the last price spike in 2008. There is not a lot of room for surprises in today’s oil market. Thanks to the drawdowns we made to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, our “rainy day” reserves now cover just 17 days of consumption.

The most obvious way to profit from what we see ahead is with oil stocks, many of which will double and triple. But uranium — an oil substitute — will also jump.

We forecast that the price of gold will soar past $3,500 per ounce in the crisis — from its current price of under $2,000.

Bottom line, we are probably looking at a massive bull run in both gold and oil in 2024. For several low-cost ways to play this, request your free copy of The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024 today.

Prediction #2

The Fed Will Reverse Course and Lower Interest Rates Dramatically in 2024 — Bonds Will Soar

When inflation started getting ugly in the middle of 2021, the Fed launched the most aggressive cycle of interest rate hikes in its history.

The Fed raised interest rates by 5.25 percentage points to fight inflation.

Here’s a crucial fact that investors should keep in mind: the longest the Fed has ever kept rates at the peak level before cutting them is seven months. It’s already been three months since the last rate hike.

We think rates have peaked for the current cycle. With real rates positive and inflation down significantly from the highs, the Fed has done its job and will call it a day.

Which means now is the time to shift your portfolio to profit from falling rates.

There are plenty of ways to make money when interest rates drop, including bonds, real estate, and tech stocks. But we prefer an unorthodox solution that few people consider.

For investors who want the upside of stocks and the safer yield of bonds, these securities are just the ticket. The yields are higher than regular stock dividends, and you are first in line over other stockholders for payouts.

Sadly, most investors are crowd followers and will miss this historic opportunity. Bond investors are just as wrong-footed as stock investors. They are bullish when bond prices are high and bearish when they are low — exactly the opposite of how they should be.

We are seeing this mistake playing out once again today. People who were excited about bonds when rates were under 1%… are now bearish with yields at 4.5%.

Bonds are now offering the best real return in over a decade. Some muni-bond funds are yielding close to 8%. Junk bonds are paying close to 10%. Mortgage REITS are paying 7%.

History shows that interest rates always drop after a big hike like this. Which makes this a locked-in macro play that no investor should miss.

We have compiled a half-dozen of the most lucrative ways to profit from falling interest rates for you in The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024.

Prediction #3

The SEC Will Approve a Bitcoin ETF and Crypto Prices Will Rocket

We predict that an exchange traded fund based on Bitcoin will be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission and will be trading by this time next year.

The big crypto players have been trying to get this done since 2013, but the SEC has fought them every step of the way.

Grayscale wanted to convert its GBTC bitcoin fund into an ETF, but the SEC sued to stop them. A judge recently ruled against the agency and now the biggest names on Wall Street, including BlackRock and Fidelity, are lining up to create their own crypto ETFs.

We think investors will snap them up. A bitcoin ETF will give them a way to profit from crypto with none of the hassles of buying and storing their coins on a crypto exchange.

It would instantly eliminate the headaches, confusion, and security concerns of setting up a personal account with a 30-character privacy key that you have to guard with your life (and hope you don’t forget it).

An ETF can do all that for you with the click of a mouse. It will be far more appealing to the man on the street looking to jump into Bitcoin. Bottom line, we think the ETF will spark a new wave of mom-and-pop interest in crypto.

A replay of what happened in 2017, when Bitcoin jumped from $900 to $20,000 in a year could be in the cards. If that cycle repeats from here, a single bitcoin would be worth $831,000.

Even if you don’t like Bitcoin, you should consider positioning yourself for profits by riding on the coattails of increasing demand from millions of new buyers.

You will have a strong wind at your back…

Entire countries are adopting Bitcoin as a legal currency. Argentina’s new president, Javier Milei, is strongly pro-Bitcoin and sharply critical of his country’s central bank.

Milei is determined to upend Argentina’s economic policies that have led to hyperinflation by doing away with the central bank and decentralizing the financial system, which is exactly what crypto currencies are designed to do.

His victory sparked an immediate rally in Bitcoin prices and analysts are saying his administration could “supercharge” Bitcoin.

How to profit best? The company we have our eye on is trying to be first to market with an ETF. And we think it’ll succeed. Coinbase, the largest crypto exchange in the United States, will be another beneficiary of any bitcoin ETF that hits the market.

But we think two other plays might offer even more upside.

This pair of Bitcoin “miners” use massive computing power to validate Bitcoin transactions around the world and receive a steady stream of Bitcoins as a reward for doing so.

Our first pick oversees two Bitcoin mining facilities in Texas. The second one is similar, except it’s in Georgia, where it benefits from cheaper electricity.

Both these stocks have huge upside potential as crypto interest spreads. We explain why in our full write-up in The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024.

As these two firms accumulate an increasingly large stockpile of Bitcoin, and as pressure on the price continues to build, their stockholders could eventually be sitting on a mountain of money.

Prediction #4

Small Nuclear Reactors Will Be Energy’s “Next Big Thing”

We believe 2024 could finally be the year when Small Modular Reactors, or SMRs, make a commercial breakthrough.

These pint-size nuclear plants are a groundbreaking advance in power generation.

They cost far less and are much quicker to build than conventional large-scale reactors. And naturally, they generate less toxic waste.

SMRs can operate for up to 30 years before needing to refuel. Conventional nuclear plants need refueling every one to two years.

Their compact size makes SMRs safer. If there’s an accident, the smaller core minimizes the risk of a meltdown.

Their tiny footprint makes them suitable for urban or densely populated areas. In rural areas lacking transmission lines and grid capacity, SMRs can be installed remotely off-grid. They can work in places standard nuclear power plants can’t.

Their modular components can be made in controlled factory conditions, ensuring higher precision and quality, and then transported to the installation site. This modular approach also allows new modules to be added as energy demands grow.

SMRs are under construction in Argentina, Canada, China, Russia, and South Korea. We think the United States will be the ultimate proving ground.

Our favorite player in this space created the first commercial small modular reactor to receive U.S. approval. It’s a pioneer in this niche. Now it is developing a range of next-generation reactors out west. I was in the room with former Department of Energy Secretary Rick Perry when he predicted we’d see a breakthrough this year, in a market that is already projected to quintuple to $18 billion by 2030.

If everything goes to plan, the company could eventually siphon off a sizeable portion of the $2 trillion global market for electricity.

For a short list of companies closest to pay dirt, get your free copy of The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024.

Prediction #5

Pot Stocks Will Get A Big Bump from Washington in 2024

This is one of those investment “megatrends” that will unfold regardless of whether we’re in a bull or bear market, an economic expansion or recession.

Marijuana is revolutionizing society and Wall Street. The market for marijuana is moving in one direction…and that’s up.

In 2021, the legal cannabis market in the U.S. was worth $27 billion. In 2022 it topped $32 billion. 2023 is going to come in at $38 billion and 2024 at $42 billion. That’s a 56% jump in three years.

Now things are set to accelerate. The Department of Health and Human Services just made a bombshell announcement — the agency formally recommended cannabis be moved from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (drugs with high potential for abuse and no medicinal value), to the much less restrictive Schedule III.

This marks the first time that a government agency has admitted that cannabis has been misclassified.

This is huge. As soon as the Drug Enforcement Administration accepts HHS’s recommendation (as we think it will), Section 280e of the IRS tax code will no longer apply to marijuana businesses.

Section 280e now prohibits them from claiming standard business deductions available to every other business in America. It is the single biggest financial drain on the cannabis industry.

But Section 280e doesn’t apply to Schedule III substances. So moving cannabis to Schedule III will eliminate a huge drag on profits. Cash flow will explode, and Wall Street’s stock-pricing models will adjust accordingly.

Rescheduling will also stir up new lending in a market where capital is hard to come by. Cannabis loans currently come with interest rates of up to 40%. That would be considered predatory in any other industry. With more lenders able to loan to the cannabis industry, interest rates on those loans will surely be lower.

Bottom line, rescheduling brings major benefits for American cannabis stocks. Legal issues have sidelined nearly every U.S. cannabis stock to the Canadian Securities Exchange, where trading volume is anemic.

Reclassifying cannabis could entice a higher volume exchange, like the Toronto Stock Exchange or NASDAQ, to take on U.S.-based cannabis companies. With more liquidity comes more investors, more demand, and higher stock prices.

This is an idea whose time has come. Just look at recent headlines…

“Ohio Becomes 24th State to Legalize Marijuana”

“Biden Administration Moves to Loosen Weed”

“Republicans Move to Decriminalize Marijuana at Federal Level”

“Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer Introduces Legislation to Decriminalize Marijuana”

“Biden Is Taking a Step Toward Legalizing Pot”

Keep in mind that it’s an election year, and Biden’s poll numbers are slipping, especially among the young. Liberalizing marijuana laws could give him a desperately needed boost.

As a group, these stocks have been beaten down so low over the past few years that any one of them could realistically pop 10 to 1 once the good news is official.

At the very least, it wouldn’t take much to pocket a double from stocks that have plunged to one tenth their value of two years ago.

You will find a short list of stocks we think will move hardest in The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024.

Prediction #6

Fantastically Cheap Batteries Will Usher in a New Future for Energy

Lithium batteries are pretty good at powering the world’s countless millions of smartphones and laptops.

But when you need to store electricity on an industrial megawatt scale, they aren’t up to the job.

Now a startup spun out of MIT has a solution: iron-air batteries. Instead of expensive lithium mined in far-off countries, these batteries use iron, which is cheap and abundant all over the world.

These power cells work by oxidizing iron to form rust (iron oxide) and then turning the rust back to iron. We’ll leave the science to the PhDs. What we like here are the numbers…

Iron-air batteries are 10 times cheaper than lithium batteries, last 17 times longer, and perform better.

They are safer, too, because they aren’t highly flammable. Anyone who has seen a Tesla explode into flames knows how dangerous lithium can be.

These rechargeable batteries — about the size of a home washing machine — are an excellent way to store energy produced by solar parks and wind farms. They can supply power to utilities during peak hours, and they can store excess energy on sunny days to use when it’s cloudy.

Things are moving fast here. The company we have our eye on plans on producing its first batteries in 2024. Which is basically now.

They are building their first factory in West Virginia as we speak. It will cost $760 million, and the state will throw in financial incentives of up to $290 million.

Because they could change the future of energy, these new batteries are getting attention.

Bill Gates is an investor, through his Breakthrough Energy Ventures firm, and so is the Euro-Indian steel giant ArcelorMittal.

Nothing is etched in stone in this budding industry, but the potential upside here is huge. When the opportunity presents itself to get in on the ground floor of something that could change the world, you need to grab it. Because you don’t get this chance often.

Prediction #7

TikTok Takes On Amazon in a Turf War

It’s not common knowledge, but a few months ago TikTok — the social media app steadily taking over the world — launched an online-shopping platform called TikTok Shop.

TikTok is determined to crack the US e-commerce market, and it’s going head-to-head with Amazon.

As king of social media, TikTok has formidable momentum. TikTok’s For You page serves an endless amount of algorithmic content to users. The social app’s shopping business will be fueled by its avid community of creators.

Why do we think it will give Amazon a run for its money? Because Amazon is about convenience. It’s where consumers go when they already have a product in mind. It’s not “fun.”

But TikTok’s commerce business will be driven by its millions of trendy creators — and delivered to young consumers whose shopping habits and loyalties are still developing.

Now these two billion viewers can buy almost any product imaginable, without leaving the app. They are presented an endless scroll of products, and the prices are shockingly low: 37-cent mini trash cans, $16 computer desks and satin sheet sets for $8.43.

Thanks to free shipping, and an endless stream of coupons and “Deals of the Day,” many products cost “next to nothing” in the mind of the consumer.

TikTok creates a sense of urgency with a countdown timer showing how many hours, minutes, and seconds are left on a sale.

Low price, limited stock, and urgency… it’s the ultimate formula for an impulse buy and they have a captive audience of billions.

It’s hard to put a number on the potential here. It’s virtually limitless.

Perhaps it helps to look at history. Investors who bought into early e-commerce pioneers like Priceline, eBay, and Amazon were rewarded with staggering profits.

A bold investor who put $10,000 in Amazon on the day it went public in 1997, would now be sitting on more than $18 million.

As you may know, TikTok doesn’t trade on a stock exchange. But your free copy of The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024 reveals a backdoor way you can participate in this extraordinary opportunity.

Prediction #8

Dengue Fever Will Hit the U.S. Hard

Dengue fever menaces half the world’s population. 400 million people get it every year, and it kills 40,000 of them.

On top of vicious headaches, it causes such intense joint pain that it feels like the joint is being shattered. The disease is nicknamed “breakbone fever.”

Transmitted by mosquitoes, Dengue is an unpredictable and outbreak-prone disease. Once you get infected, you are at a higher risk of dying if you get it again.

The killer is normally not a concern outside of Africa and other tropical areas, but rising temperatures now allow mosquitoes to travel farther and infect areas that were previously off-limits. Two cases have just been confirmed in California.

Fears are rising that Dengue fever could grip the U.S. before 2030. We’re not doctors, we’re investment analysts. But when the World Health Organization predicts that Dengue will be “major threat by 2033” we pay attention.

Only one firm makes a dengue vaccine, and if this disease starts spreading here, owning its stock could lead to a substantial windfall.

We could see similar price moves as we saw with Covid-19. As that disease spread panic, life-saving vaccine stocks soared. Novavax jumped from $4 to almost $300… and Moderna skyrocketed from $19 to $450.

We profile this pharmaceutical powerhouse in The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024

Prediction #9

A New Super Sonic Passenger Jet Will Get the Green Light in 2024

This astonishing new airplane will streak through the air at more than 1,300 mph, whisking passengers from New York to London in three and a half hours.

That’s twice as quick as today’s planes, which take up to eight hours to make the trip. At Mach 1.7, vacationers could leave Los Angeles and be in Honolulu in three hours.

The “Son of Concorde’” is the biggest leap in aviation in decades. With its speed and payload, it could perform a variety of missions, including military airlifts and medical evacuations. What’s more, it’s the first large commercial aircraft to be carbon-neutral, running 100% on sustainable fuel.

The factory is now going up in North Carolina and should be complete by mid-2024. American Airlines, United Airlines, and Japan Airlines have already placed orders.

The first supersonic passenger aircraft since the legendary Concorde is expected to be in service and selling tickets by 2030.

Of course, every investor will know about it by then. If you want a head start on this opportunity, check out the details in The Hottest Investment Opportunities of 2024.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reviewing our major investment forecasts for the coming year.

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