Forget meme stocks, crypto, and complicated trading strategies...

Keep it simple with THESE 5 safe, high-yield stocks… and you may never have to worry about what the market is doing again!

These “Bulletproof Buys” have weathered every dip and crash over the last 20 years and STILL hand out massive gains

(One of these companies hasn’t missed a single dividend since Nixon was in office — and it’s STILL a buy!)

Fellow investor,

There’s seemingly no end to Wall Street’s crazy investing fads.

Whether it’s crypto, meme stocks, or some complicated trading strategy, each one promises to hand you a fast, easy score...

And then let you watch the volatility kill any shot at profits.

If you think this sounds more like gambling than investing, you’re right.

The good news is you don’t have to play this game at all.

You can opt out — and put yourself on the path towards building real lasting wealth and peace of mind.

You’ll be relieved at just how simple doing so can be.

Because I’ve uncovered a small group of uniquely powerful stocks.

Stocks that have proven themselves to be so strong, so reliable, and so generous… that I believe they can be counted on, no matter what happens with the economy.

I call them “Bulletproof Buys.”

And the best part about them… is how simple they are.

There’s no confusing options trades, obscure lingo, or complicated strategy behind them… but these five companies offer some of the most stable (and growing) returns I’ve ever seen — even through some of the most treacherous bear markets.

With Bulletproof Buys like these… you can pick up the stock, relax, and watch your dividends pile up.

In my opinion, holding these five income stocks is the best “no brainer” way to build wealth.

And if you’re not taking advantage of them, you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

Just how much is being left on the table, exactly?

Let me show you:

If you were focused solely on capital gains.... and invested just $10,000 in non-income paying stocks back in 1960... you’d now be sitting on $627,161.

Not bad, right?

However, that same $10,000 parked in income-paying stocks — with the dividends reinvested — would have you sitting on an astronomical $3,845,730!

Take a look:

I think you’d agree that an extra $3.2 million would go a long way towards financing a cushy retirement.

What would you do with all this money?

Maybe buy that cherry-red corvette you’ve always had your eye on...

Travel first class to exotic destinations...

Splurge on your children or grandchildren...

Whatever your goals, you’ll have a much, much easier time reaching them with these Bulletproof Buys.

Look, I understand it can be tempting to play with the crypto kids when you see them making quadruple-digit gains in just a few months’ time.

But I think you’re smarter than that.

Because I can almost guarantee that for every young hot shot who scores it big investing in fads like crypto, there are twenty that go broke.

Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of quiet, self-assured investors are building massive wealth using the kind of simple “Bulletproof” income stocks I just showed you.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth

Take Ronald R. of Vermont.

He made his living working as a gas station attendant, janitor and mechanic.

He was certainly no Wall Street Wizard.

Yet by investing his money in “Bulletproof stocks,” like the five you’re going to discover in just a moment, he was able to accumulate an $8 million fortune by the time he passed away at age 92.

Or Kathleen M. and her twin brother Robert of Simsbury, Connecticut.

She worked as a nurse and a teacher throughout her career while he worked as an insurance agent.

Not exactly high-flying professions.

But that didn’t matter.

By pooling their money together and investing in Bulletproof Buys, they were able to accumulate a combined $10 million fortune.

Then there’s Agnes P.

By holding on to just one Bulletproof stock for 50 years, she was able to accumulate a $98 million fortune by the time she passed away at age 88.

Of course, these results are far from typical.

And many of us don’t have 50 years to wait for such a massive fortune to pile up.

But at the same time, it’s never too late to start…

Even if you racked up only a fraction of Agnes’s massive fortune — say 10% — you’d still be sitting on $9.8 million! Definitely nothing to thumb your nose at.

Now, Ronald, Kathleen, Robert, and Agnes certainly weren’t geniuses. They didn’t work on Wall Street.

As far as I can tell, they’re no different than you or I.

Just average, everyday people, who held on to “Bulletproof stocks” through all the market’s ups and downs... even the occasional crash.

They could have been your friends, your family, your neighbors...

And by making just a few simple moves today, YOU could put yourself on the path to joining them.

Which brings me right back to the Bulletproof Buys I mentioned earlier.

I can say that out of the dozens of different stocks I’ve spent weeks digging through, these five are in a class all their own.

(Remember, one of them has increased payouts by 3,682% since 2003.)

If you want a “stupid simple” strategy that could help you build massive wealth... one that lets you tune out the latest hype and noise from Wall Street’s pitch men... and finally sleep well at night…

All 5 of these “Bulletproof Buys” deserve a place in your portfolio.

Which is why I’ve prepared a special report revealing their names, ticker symbols and exactly what you need to do today, in order to take maximum advantage of them.

It’s called Bulletproof Buys: 5 Income Stocks to Own Forever.

And I want you to have it — absolutely free.

I’ll show you how you can claim your copy in just a moment, but first, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Nathan Slaughter.

And for the last 16 years I’ve been helping ordinary investors build massive wealth without having to risk it all on volatile Wall Street fads

I got my start working for AXA/Equitable Advisors, one of the world’s largest financial planning firms.

Then I honed my research skills at Raymond James Morgan Keegan, where I managed millions in portfolio assets.

While catering to the rich has its financial rewards, the truth is...


I was slaving away… missing birthday parties and other family get-togethers just so I could help a fat cat add another comma to his already bloated account.

So, I walked away from the Wall Street life. I didn’t quit the investment game though.

Instead, I joined StreetAuthority, one of the world’s most trusted financial research firms, now serving over 100,000 readers.

The mission here is simple... help regular investors just like you get rich from the exact same income opportunities I was sharing with my wealthy clients on Wall Street.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 16 years and I’m proud to say I’ve made a lot of my readers very happy.

I never get tired of seeing messages like this:

Now, while success stories like these are exceptional (and you should NEVER invest more than you’re comfortable parting with)...

They do show what’s possible when you stop chasing after quick scores and latch onto Bulletproof companies that have an incredible track record of paying bigger and bigger dividends.

Over and over again.

It’s by far the surest, safest strategy I know of, for rapidly building wealth.

How can I make such a claim?

You see, I recently finished a 20-year “deep dive” into dividend stocks — and what I uncovered was truly shocking.

And in my opinion, proof-positive that Bulletproof income stocks are the path to solid riches.

Steady Wins the Race

Consider Altria (the old Philip Morris).

Most investors dismiss it as a stodgy company, but the truth is Altria is a perfect example of how generous dividend payouts can fuel rapid wealth creation.

I ran the numbers recently and the results over a 20-year period were astounding…

If you invested $10,000 invested in the S&P 500 at the beginning of my 20-year study you’d now have a substantial $34,132. However, that same $10,000 put into Altria with dividends reinvested would have handed you a phenomenal $148,956 by the end of this study.

You can attribute the bulk of that remarkable 14-fold gain to the company’s decades-long record of high and rising dividends.

To be fair, the Philip Morris/Altria story is a particularly strong example of the miracle of wealth building upon wealth. But it’s far from unique. You can find similar results from any number of steady but unspectacular stocks with long-term records of high and rising dividends.

Take Johnson & Johnson, for example. Imagine you bought 109 shares for $10,000 at the beginning of my study.

By using J&J’s fat dividends to buy more of its stock over that 20-year period, you would have ended up with 342 shares worth $46,595 — more than four times your money. And your shares would be throwing off $1,300 in dividends a year.

Likewise, with McDonald’s. Despite all the ups and downs in the fast-food sector, McDonald’s has raised its dividend every year since making its first payout in 1976.

If you bought the burger giant’s stock at the start of my study, you would have collected almost as much in dividends as the stock cost to begin with. And every $10,000 invested would have turned into $80,766.

When you venture away from household-name stocks you find even more-spectacular cases...

Consider Annaly Capital. Not many people know about this small-business lender, but it’s one of my favorite “get-rich-with-dividends” stories of all...

Twenty years ago you could have picked up 1,000 shares for just $9,312. But Annaly paid such massive dividends since then that if you plowed them back into buying more shares, you’d have been sitting on $96,475 by the end of my study.

A classic 10-bagger.

And you’d be pocketing $11,221 in cash every year on top of that. That’s a 120.4% yield on your original investment, every single year!

But here’s perhaps the best thing about Bulletproof Buys like these: you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

Take Ventas, for example...

Its stock was selling for just $4.75 a share 20 years ago. So, you could have picked up 1,000 shares for $4,750. But twenty years later at the end of my study the stock was above $70. So that’s a 15-bagger right there.

But Ventas also paid out $43,272 in dividends over this stretch, creating a 5,514% total return — a 55-bagger.

Meaning your $4,750 would have turned into $266,665… while throwing off a stunning $9,099 per year in dividends.

In other words, your dividend payouts can eventually grow so large that it surpasses the original price you paid for the stock!

The exhilaration of “lapping” your stock that way is a feeling you never forget. But you’ll never experience that “dividend high” unless you own stocks that pay them!

Now, I can’t promise you you’ll make this much by picking up shares of Bulletproof income stocks.

It’s true what they say — there are no guarantees in the market.

But I promise you this — it's much, much better than doing nothing or focusing solely on capital gains.

And it’s why I can’t say it clearly enough: If you truly want to build wealth — and not simply chase quick scores — I firmly believe each and every stock you own MUST have a yield attached to it.

Just like the 5 “Bulletproof Buys” I can’t wait to share with you.

Tiny Difference, Big Results

And I’m not talking about a puny 1% or less yield you’ll find from money markets, CDs, and treasuries.

That’s a big ticket to “Nowheresville.”

In fact, it’s almost as bad as investing in stocks that don’t pay dividends at all! And it’s why, before I recommend a Bulletproof stock, I make sure that it yields at least 5%.

But how can these tiny differences in yields have such a massive effect on your wealth creation?

Well, think of it this way...

If you invested $100,000 in a stock yielding 1%, with dividends reinvested — at the end of 20 years you’d have grown your wealth by just 22%.

(That’s assuming absolutely no growth in the dividend or share price.)

However, if you invested that same $100,000 in a stock yielding 5%, with dividends reinvested — at the end of 20 years you’d have grown your wealth by 165%.

That’s over 7x more wealth — and again, that’s assuming absolutely no growth in the dividend or share price.

As you’ve seen, however, Bulletproof stocks with growing dividends and rising share prices can make your resulting pile much, much bigger.

And THAT is exactly what I look for inside High-Yield Investing, my premium advisory service dedicated to uncovering the world’s safest and most lucrative income investments.

Whether it’s a “private bank”… a pipeline play… a trust… a partnership… an ETF... or something else …

If it has a long history of paying investors growing gobs of cash, month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll cover it in High-Yield Investing.

It’s why my readers have been able to lock in fantastic yields of 8.6%... 9.5%... 10%... 11.8%... 12.4%... 13%...

Even a shocking 24.00%! (We’ve been sitting on that one for 16 years now.)

As exciting as this is, I certainly don’t want to give you the impression we only care about high yields here.

As you know, sometimes high yields are nothing more than a desperate ploy to hide the fact that a company has very shaky finances.

That’s not something I’d want you to risk your hard-earned money on…

So, before I even think about considering a stock, I take a long, hard look “under the hood” and make sure it passes a rigorous five-course “Boot Camp.”

Not only does it need to yield at least 5%, any company worthy of inclusion in High-Yield Investing must have:

If a stock fails to meet even a single one of these exacting standards… it will not be put into the High-Yield Investing portfolio.

It might sound harsh, and it disqualifies a lot of “good” picks right off the bat. But I’m not looking for “good” picks inside High-Yield Investing. I’m looking for great ones.

Just like the ones you’ll find inside Bulletproof Buys: 5 Income Stocks to Own Forever.

Inside, you’ll discover...

This blockbuster report is yours free, the moment you accept this rare invitation to join High-Yield Investing.

Without risking a single hard-earned penny.

When you do, you’ll quickly see why I keep receiving rave reviews from readers like these:

Now, while these results aren’t typical, the point couldn’t be any clearer: Rock-solid income investments are the key to building massive wealth and an endless stream of growing cash.

And High-Yield Investing is your ultimate resource for discovering them.

So how much does a full year of High-Yield Investing cost?

Well, when you consider that each of my recommendations has the potential to make you tens or even hundreds of thousands of extra dollars over the coming years…

I could easily justify asking for as much as $1,000 to get access these recommendations. But that’s not what High-Yield Investing is all about.

My goal is to help regular investors just like you get rich from the exact same opportunities I used to share with my wealthy clients.

It’s why I usually charge just $99 for a full year’s membership to High-Yield Investing.

But here’s the thing:

Because I want to make my research accessible to as many people as possible...

And because the Bulletproof Buys I uncovered are so powerful...

I went to bat for you and cut a blockbuster deal with my publisher… if you act fast.

What do I mean?

Well, this presentation has been sent out to over 200,000 investors.

But for the first 250 who respond today, I’ve set aside something very special:

12 full months of High-Yield Investing for just $39… that’s more than 60% off!

Once word gets out about this presentation, my “Bulletproof Buys,” and the MASSIVE discount I’ve negotiated… I don’t expect those 250 spots to last long.

There’s no time to waste, so let me go ahead and show you everything you’ll receive when you join me today:

But that’s not all...

You see, I believe you deserve to have as many opportunities to safely rake in as much income as possible.

That’s why, in addition to Bulletproof Buys: 5 Income Stocks to Own Forever (a $199 value), I’ve created two more blockbuster reports that are yours the moment you join...

Social Security Insurance: How to Generate $32,522 Per Year Starting Tomorrow (a $99 value) — According to the latest projections, the Social Security trust fund will be bankrupt by 2034. So if you’re relying on Uncle Sam to keep his promises, you could be in for a world of hurt. In this special report, you’ll learn how to create your own private safety net and put an extra $32,522 in your pocket each year, free of the shackles and constraints of Social Security.

Easy Money: “Be the House” and Claim Your Share of Record Casino Riches (a $99 value) — Covid is on its way out — and that means casinos are now bursting at the seams with players looking to make a quick easy score. Now, I’ve uncovered a little-known way you can grab a chunk of the billions they leave behind — without having to own a single share in any casino!

(Click here now, and I’ll show you how to “double your discount” and get three more blockbuster reports — absolutely free.)

But most importantly of all, when you join you’ll be protected by...

My Double-Barreled
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Because I want you to be 100% sure High-Yield Investing is right for you, I’m giving you three full months to try it out at my expense.

That’s plenty of time to check out everything on the High-Yield Investing website… read a few issues… take part in the moneymaking opportunities you’ll discover in your free reports…

And could even receive a handful of fat profit-sharing checks.

If at any time during the first 90 days you’re not completely happy with what you’re getting from me — or the money you’re making — simply let my Customer Service team know.

And I’ll issue you a prompt, no-questions-asked refund for every penny of your membership.

I have no interest in keeping your money unless you’re 100% satisfied.

But I’m still not done…

Because even if it’s past the 90-day mark and you find yourself unhappy for any reason, I still have your back.

Simply let me know and I’ll give you a refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

Regardless of which way you go, I insist you keep the free reports and issues you receive as my way of saying “thank you” for giving it a try.

Look, you’ve seen how my readers are sitting on 251%, 326%, and 440% gains using the stocks I recommend in High-Yield Investing.

You’ve also seen how income-paying stocks vastly outperform non-income paying stocks.

And how, by ignoring them, you are leaving a fortune on the table.

So now it’s time for a decision.

The way I see it, you have two options:

Option #1: Do absolutely nothing and stay right where you are. If you already have enough to retire on and are satisfied with what Social Security brings in, then maybe you don’t need High-Yield Investing.

Option #2: Jump on this rare opportunity to test-drive High-Yield Investing without risking a penny and get ready for the chance to earn tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of extra dollars from some of the safest income investments on the planet.

So which is it going to be?

You need to decide fast.

Remember, only 250 investors will be able to join me in this incredible opportunity today…

And if you put this off, even for a few minutes, you run the risk of getting locked out.

And the moment that happens, you lose your chance to claim your new members package valued at $397. Remember, thanks to my double-barreled satisfaction guarantee you risk absolutely nothing by joining me today.

So do yourself a favor and click the orange button below NOW.


To a lifetime of wealth and happiness,

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Nathan Slaughter
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