Dear Reader,

The economy may still be in the toilet…

But the stock market is ON FIRE.

After the “Corona Crash” in March, the Federal Reserve turned the firehose on full-blast, plowing oodles of free money into the economy — igniting a massive stock market rally.

Now, if you feel like you’ve missed out on the fun (and profits), please don’t worry.

Because as long as COVID-19 is with us and the economy continues to sputter, the Federal Reserve will do everything it takes…

For as long as it takes…

To keep the party going.

Because make no mistake, this rally WILL continue… even with Joe Biden as President.

And while everybody else spent much of the year on pins and needles wondering and worrying about who would win the election, I turned my focus elsewhere…

And spent the last 10 months digging through thousands of pages of financial documents… listening to earnings calls… monitoring how companies are managing the COVID crisis…

And out of the thousands of stocks I’ve reviewed, I’ve found 5 that I believe could unlock mega-gains in 2021 and beyond.

In fact, if I could put my money into only five stocks right now, these are the ones I’d choose.

I’ll give you all the details on each one in just a moment, but first, allow me to introduce myself.

J.R ButtsMy name is Jimmy Butts. I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at StreetAuthority, one of the world’s largest and most trusted financial research firms, relied on by over 100,000 readers.

And for the last few years, I’ve been quietly sending my personal “best of” list for the coming year to a select group of investors…

Giving them the opportunity to lock in extraordinary gains.

And I must say, I’ve gotten pretty darn good at it, too.

In 2018, I told my readers that Visa and Dollar General had nowhere to go but up. And they did — delivering 86% and 112% gains since I recommended them.

(And that was even through an incredibly volatile year that saw the S&P 500 drop 15% in the 4th quarter!)

In 2019, while Brexit, Middle East tensions, and a major trade war had investors on edge, I urged them to pile into NVR, Leidos Holdings, Salesforce, and Facebook…

Which have since delivered respective gains of 72%, 75%, 107%, and 117%.

And for 2020, I urged readers to pile into Smith and Wesson (formerly American Outdoor Brands), which has since gone up 127%.

They also had the chance to make 31% gains off Tencent, 50% gains from Marvell Technology and 57% off Amazon — in less than one yearright in the midst of a major pandemic!

And while these gains are certainly extraordinary…

With the massive rally ignited by Fed’s “mad dash” money printing, the five stocks I’m going to show you today could easily put them all to shame.

In just a moment, I’m going to reveal how you can get their names and ticker symbols.

But first, let me tell you a little about these stocks so you can see for yourself why I’m so excited about them.

Stock #1:
Grab a piece of Warren Buffett’s empire —
for 99.99% less than one share of
Berkshire Hathaway

While much has been written about how the world’s #1 investor created his own fortune, most people forget that Warren Buffett has also made many other investors insanely wealthy along the way.

Consider this: Back in 1980, you could have grabbed one share of Berkshire Hathaway for $430.

Today, that one single share would now be worth well over $330,000.

That’s a mind-boggling return of more than 77,500%!

Now, I have no doubt that Berkshire Hathaway will continue to be a stellar investment long after Warren Buffett is gone.

But let’s be honest — most of us don’t have an extra $330,000, laying around to get in on the action.

However, there is some very good news I’d like to share with you:

I’ve uncovered a way you can own a piece of Buffett’s massive wealth-creating empire — for 99.99% less than the cost of one share of Berkshire Hathaway!

This “mirror” version of Berkshire Hathaway allows you to share directly in the company’s wealth — WITHOUT having to go through fee-laden mutual funds that mimic its holdings.

Since it appeared on the scene in the late ’90s, this Berkshire Hathaway “mirror” has delivered 962% gains to investors.

That’s enough to turn a modest $10,000 stake into more than $962,000.

But don’t feel bad if you missed out on this ride. Because as Berkshire Hathaway continues to go, so too will this “mirror” version of the company’s stock.

Which means there’s years and years of potential gains for you to pocket — for 99.99% less than what many other investors pay.

Stock #2:
A behind-the-scenes player set
to make a fortune with the rollout
of the COVID-19 vaccines

The rapid creation COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna is a stunning scientific achievement.

It’s a victory for the American people… and for these company’s investors.

But there’s another player that stands to make investors even richer — one that these companies can’t do without.


Because it’s responsible for mass producing their COVID-19 vaccines!

Many people don’t realize this, but these companies don’t mass-produce their own vaccines — instead, they outsource production to this little-known player.

And without it, we’d quickly find ourselves in short supply of COVID-19 vaccines (along with the many drugs and medicines that we depend on them to produce).

Pfizer and Moderna aren’t the only ones outsourcing production of their vaccines to this player, either.

It also going to do the same for Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca’s forthcoming vaccines…

Yet despite all of this, I’m willing to bet that fewer than 1 in 100 investors have ever heard of this company!

report coverAnd that’s a shame. Because its stock — which has already delivered gains of 327% since going public 6 years ago — stands to go ballistic as the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines accelerates.

And that’s why you’ll want to grab a piece of this behind-the-scenes- player fast… before it gets way out of reach.

You’ll find out how in 5 Red-Hot Stocks to Own in 2021, a special report I put together with the names and ticker symbols of the 5 very best stocks to own for the New Year.

I’ll show you how to get your hands on it in just a moment, but first, let me introduce you to the next stock you’ll discover inside…

Stock #3:
The last line of defense
against a growing global threat

What do eBay, Home Depot, and JP Morgan Chase have in common?

Aside from being some of America’s largest Fortune 500 companies, they are also victims of the biggest cyberattacks of the 21st century, losing confidential data from 277 million customer accounts to hackers.

And they’re far from the only ones. The last 20 years are full of stories about huge cyberattacks that have afflicted Equifax, Yahoo!, Target, and so many others, giving hackers data from over 5 billion customer accounts.

Major breaches like these are why the annual costs from cybercrime are projected to double from $3 trillion in 2015 to $6 trillion in 2021.

It’s why Cybersecurity Ventures predicts global spending on cybersecurity products and services will exceed $1 trillion cumulatively from 2017 to 2021.

And it’s why one former FBI Director remarked, “There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.”

Because make no mistake: America is under relentless assault — not just from petty thieves looking to steal your credit card number…

But from ultra-sophisticated, state-sponsored hackers in places like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Hackers who know that the key to crippling America’s economy lies in disrupting its mightiest companies.

Fortune 500 companies like eBay, JP Morgan, and Home Depot.

And they’re far from the only ones.

The awful truth is, more than a quarter of Fortune 500 companies already report being hacked over the last decade.

And those are just the ones that will admit to it!

It’s why more and more of them are rushing into the arms of the one enterprise that can protect them from the world’s worst state-sponsored hackers.


By locking down and securing the most critical, most vulnerable parts of these corporation’s networks…

The keys to the kingdom… the holy grail sought by the world’s worst cyberhackers in their quest to take down America by inflicting massive financial pain.

This enterprise is already such an A-player when it comes to protecting the most sensitive of data, more than half of Fortune 500 companies rely on it to protect theirs.

No wonder its share price has more than tripled since going public six years ago.

But I firmly believe this is just the beginning.

Because with major new cyber-attacks constantly in the works…

And this company’s sterling reputation at protecting the digital assets of the world‘s biggest enterprises…

I fully expect its client list — and stock price — to grow by leaps and bounds for a very long time.

And it’s why you’ll want to grab your copy of 5 Red-Hot Stocks to Own in 2021, where I give you all the details on how to play it for maximum profits.

So far, you’ve seen:

Because of the crucial nature and value of the services they provide, I firmly believe that each of these plays has the potential to hand you mega-gains in the New Year and beyond.

But if you’re truly committed to making more money faster than you ever thought possible, you’ll want to play close attention to these last two opportunities.

Because they’re riding the crest of two earth-shaking mega-trends that will affect the lives of billions. As a matter of fact, one billionaire has already made one of these mega-trends his #1 investment focus.

Stock #4:
Double your money or more
as the 5G rollout continues

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re no doubt hearing all sorts of big news about 5G and how it’s set to transform our world with connection speeds at least 10x faster than those from 4G networks.

The truth is, it’s already doing so — and making miracles possible…

Last year, doctors in China were able to perform remote brain surgery on a Parkinson’s patient 1,900 miles away using ultra-fast 5G.

Until recently, remote surgery using wireless networks has been impossible because the lag time between medical devices’ input and output…

Which of course, could possibly be fatal to a patient.

But thanks to 5G, that lag time has been reduced to a near-instantaneous 2 milliseconds.

Modern miracles like this are why 5G is one of the most exciting megatrends of our time — one that’s set to create $17 trillion in new wealth by 2035 — and one that’s already lining the pockets of smart investors.

Over the last two years, in fact, the price of 5G-centric stocks such as Qualcomm and Skyworks Solutions have doubled.

And they’ll be far from the only ones to do so as 5G’s rollout continues.

Like this under-the-radar play I just uncovered…

Here’s what I mean:

You see, what many people don’t understand about 5G is that for the most part, all the real work comes from fiber optic cables, since they carry the data the longest distance…

So while many investors are focused on the antennae companies… or the cell tower operations they partner with…

The smarter ones are turning their eyes to this small company whose products help supercharge the fiber optic networks of major telecoms like AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, making it the 5G backbone of the telecom industry.

What’s more, it also provides them with optical network hardware — technology that uses light waves instead of electricity to carry digital information via their fiber optic cables.

Without this technology, the 5G networks of these telecoms can’t deliver on their promises of ultra-fast speeds… or the modern miracles those speeds make possible.

Which puts this under-the-radar player right in the catbird’s seat. The good news is, you can still grab a piece of it for just $44.

But you must act fast — as 5G’s rollout continues, I doubt it will remain a bargain much longer.

You’ll discover its name and ticker symbol in your copy of 5 Red-Hot Stocks to Own in 2021.

Stock #5:
Get “extremely rich” from soaring demand
for the world’s #1 resource

When people think of the world’s number one resource, usually things like cobalt and lithium come to mind…

Critical raw materials used in everything from iPhone batteries to jet engines.

But the truth is, there’s another in-demand resource that’s far more crucial than either of them.

Goldman Sachs calls it “the petroleum of the next century.”

And in the not-so-distant future, the world could learn just how crucial it really is.

It’s why billionaire investing legend Jim Rogers says those who know how to invest in this resource “will be extremely rich.”

The funny thing is, though, you most likely won’t hear this liquid mentioned in the company of other major resources.

You won’t hear it talked about on the nightly news.

And you won’t find it traded on any commodities exchange, either.

Yet it’s so critical that billionaire Dr. Michael Burry has made this resource his number one investment focus.

And I’ve found the perfect way for you to play it.

It’s comes from a shareholder-friendly titan with operations in more than 150 countries around the world…

And that has jacked up dividend payments 156% over the last eight years!

I’ll reveal this special resource and the number one way to play it for maximum profits in 5 Red-Hot Stocks to Own in 2021.

This special report is yours the moment you accept your risk-free trial subscription to my monthly investment resource, Top Stock Advisor.

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The second is one of America’s oldest and largest companies that can’t stop losing customers fast enough…

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What do I mean?

Well, I’ve sent this letter out to 200,000 people.

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12 full months of Top Stock Advisor for 60% off.

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But most importantly, to prove just how committed I am to your success with Top Stock Advisor, when you join us, you’ll be protected by…

My Double-Barreled 100%
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But I’m still not done…

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To an immensely profitable 2021,

Jimmy Butts

Jimmy Butts
Chief Investment Strategist
Top Stock Advisor

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