This 21X profit shot comes
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Fellow Trader,

It would be easy to miss the best investing opportunity of 2023... even though it's hiding in plain sight.

What with inflation rates at a 50-year high and the whole world going to hell in a handbasket, we're all pretty distracted.

But I've NEVER seen such a good, quick score wrapped up in such a tidy little "package.”

For the last 27 years, Amazon has handed out explosive profit opportunities... with stunning regularity.

And shockingly, in-the-know investors had the chance to rake in MASSIVE gains…

Without having to touch a single share of Amazon stock.

How is that possible?

I can sum it up with a single word: takeovers.

You might have heard them referred to as buyouts, mergers, or acquisitions.

But no matter what you call them...

When a takeover is triggered, the profits that spill out have life-changing potential.

A prime example is Amazon’s takeover of Body Labs.

When Amazon bought the health company, shareholders of Body Labs had a shot at an impressive 445% gain.

Or take Eero...

When Amazon bought the hardware company, investors holding Eero were handed a staggering 870% profit opportunity.

And let’s not forget about Goodreads…

When the deal closed on the book review website, Goodreads investors were graced with an astonishing 1,775% profit shot.

An investment in Goodreads alone could have turned a $5,000 stake into a massive $115,000.

Incredible, right?

But here's the thing...

These three examples are just a small snapshot of the profits that can rain down on investors lucky (or smart) enough to be holding shares of Amazon’s takeover targets...

Over the last three decades, Amazon’s takeover spree has handed investors the chance at 1,400%, 1,846%, and even 2,300% gains

With no signs of stopping.

Why does Amazon buy up so many companies?

Because, for Amazon, takeovers are like an "easy button” to expand its corporate empire into practically every market.


And for investors, Amazon takeovers are a MASSIVE profit opportunity.

Here's what I mean.

When Amazon wanted to start selling medicine online, instead of building an online pharmacy...

They just bought one called PillPack.

By signing on the dotted line and forking over $1 billion, Amazon broke into a $338 billion market...

And investors holding PillPack watched their shares skyrocket as much as 1,604%.

That's enough to turn a $10,000 stake into $160,400.

Now that was just ONE deal.

But when Amazon really wants to break into an industry, it doesn’t just dip its toe in with a single takeover...

Amazon will jump in with both feet… swallowing up multiple companies in the same sector.

The most recognizable example of Amazon’s spending spree is in eCommerce.

Amazon has made three blockbuster takeovers in eCommerce...

First, they bought the online shoe seller Zappos for $1.2 billion...

Then they bought Quisdi — the owner of websites like and — for $585 million...

And to round things out, Amazon bought — one of the largest eCommerce stores in Asia — for $580 million.

All three takeovers have helped Amazon become the undeniable leader of eCommerce.

And well-positioned investors on these eCommerce takeovers made out like bandits...

SOUQ investors had a shot at 262% gains...

Quisdi investors were handed a 1,846% profit shot...

And Zappos investors had the chance to pocket 2,300% gains.

The gains are impressive, right?

But let's take a look at a less obvious industry for Amazon to go all-in on...


And I’m not just talking about Amazon’s video and audio streaming service.

Get this...

Recently, Amazon closed a mega-deal to buy MGM Studios for $8.45 billion.

And MGM shareholders witnessed a lightning-quick 400% gain...

But that's only ONE in a string of entertainment takeovers...

To build their entertainment empire in record time, Amazon has also bought...

The video game platform Twitch for $970 million...

The podcast network Wondery for $300 million...

Just like the eCommerce takeovers, these entertainment acquisitions handed well-positioned investors monster profit opportunities.

Twitch investors had a shot at 400% gains.

And with the stroke of a pen, Amazon graced Wondery investors with a 1,400% profit shot.

That's enough to turn every $2,500 invested into $35,000… $5,000 into a wallet stuffing  $70,000…  and a $7,500 starting stake would rocket into a whopping $105,000.

Now, of course, not every Amazon takeover will deliver those kinds of sky-high gains...

And it goes without saying that every investment (Amazon or otherwise) comes with risk.

Which is why you should never invest more than you’re willing to walk away from.

But it’s easy to see how even a single Amazon takeover could completely alter the course of your life, right?

Here’s what’s even more exciting for investors who want a shot at bagging huge profits from Amazon takeovers…

With Bezos gone, Amazon’s new CEO has big shoes to fill

Not to mention the $79 billion pile of cash currently “burning a hole in his pocket”...

I expect Amazon’s takeover spree to continue at a breakneck pace…

Which is why I’m writing to you today.

Because out of the thousands of companies Amazon could acquire...

My research has me convinced that…

Amazon could be days away from pulling the trigger on one of the biggest (and most profitable) takeover deals in history.

In a moment, I'll give you a full rundown of my investigation where I'll reveal:

That's an aggressive forecast of course.

But if it happens...

It would be enough to turn $1,000 into $19,195...

$5,000 into $95,976...

Or $10,000 into $213,398.

Imagine what you could do with an extra $213,398 in your brokerage account?

Fly 1st class to see the grandkids — whenever you want?

Pay off your mortgage years ahead of schedule?

And still have enough left over to take your family on an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation?

Better still...

Staking your claim on this takeover opportunity and riding it for all its worth couldn’t be easier.

All it takes is a few clicks (or a simple call to your broker)...

And the good sense to move fast.


Amazon could announce this blockbuster deal as soon as November 17th

In the next few minutes, you’re going to discover this incredible Amazon takeover opportunity...

And more importantly, I'll reveal a straightforward set of instructions...

NathanThat anyone can follow to lock in their shot at this potential $213,398 windfall... in 5 minutes or less.

But first, let me formally introduce myself...

My name is Nathan Slaughter.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at StreetAuthority — one of America’s most trusted independent financial publishers.

And as you might have already guessed, I’m obsessed with takeover trades.

But then again, what's not to love when MarketWatch says:


Harvard Business Review confirmed that takeovers can:


And the greatest investor of all time — Warren Buffett — calls takeovers...


My dedication to tracking down the most profitable takeovers started back when I was a young buck at AXA / Equitable Advisors...

A fixture on Wall Street since 1859, today their total assets under management tower at $908 billion.

Then later to the multinational bank Morgan Keenan.

These institutions are fertile ground to learn the insides of global finance...

And the inner workings of multi-billion dollar takeover deals (like the one I'm sharing with you today).

But I got tired of the 100+ hour work weeks...

Postponing vacations...

Missing birthdays...

And watching my LIFE pass me by in the corporate grind.

So I decided to "retire."

But I wasn't done with trading. Far from it.

Soon thereafter I joined a group of investing experts that all share the same goal as me:

To help everyday Americans pocket as much profit as humanly possible from the stock market… with the least amount of risk

The opportunity was too good to pass up.

After spending decades working in the heart of global finance… you can’t help but notice the gut-wrenching chasm between the 1%... and the 99% of everyday investors.

Normal Americans are stuck with a tiny menu of investments compared to the "Big Whig" clients I used to deal with.

That never sat right with me.

Look: If you’re currently participating in the American stock market — in ANY way, shape, or form — I believe you DESERVE the chance to capture your share of the staggering takeover profits that are normally only reserved for the fat cats on Wall Street.…

And more importantly, to be able to enjoy wealth, comfort, and security that comes with them.

In other words, whatever “the good life” means to you...

Whether it’s a lake house big enough to host your extended family for the summer…

And a boat fast enough to get away from them, in a pinch...

A new Ford F-250...

And the Airstream trailer to finally see the sights this great country of ours has to offer...

Or simply an end — once and for all — to the relentless grind of bills to pay and a retirement date that moves farther (and farther) away...

Financial peace of mind like this shouldn’t be solely reserved for the ultra-rich…

Everyone deserves the chance to live their own American Dream.

That's why I've gone to incredible lengths to uncover the most profitable takeover deals and deliver them directly to the investors who REALLY need it.

Here’s what I mean…

Over the last 3 years, I conducted a deep-dive study into 4.9 trillion data points and 3.3 million market indices...

To pinpoint the exact factors that prime a company for explosive takeover deals.

And I assure you, all that work wasn't an academic exercise.

Because the knowledge I gained continues to help me uncover real opportunities to bag MONSTER profits from blockbuster takeovers.

Like this takeover profit opportunity on Sprouts Farmers Market that shot up 150% in 8 days...

Or this fast-cash opportunity on Roku that skyrocketed 344% in 34 days…

And this profit shot on the cloud computing company Twilio that soared 671% in 25 days.

That's enough to turn a $10,000 stake into a $67,100 payday.

And while these gains are exceptional…

You haven’t seen anything yet!

Because I believe everything I just showed you was the warm-up.

A handful of little tremors ahead of the BIG quake — a seismic money-making event so powerful, it’ll shake the American business landscape right down to its very foundation.

But to understand the incredible profit potential at stake here...

You need a glimpse into one of the most shocking takeover plots in history.

You see, I believe:

This is the start of Amazon's secret plan to take a piece of every single brick-and-mortar retail transaction in the United States

I realize that probably sounds a bit crazy...

Why on earth would Amazon ever go after brick-and-mortar retail?

I mean, after years of reading headlines about the retail apocalypse it's easy to ask...

Didn't Amazon already win?

It all comes down to one shocking figure: $25 trillion.

That’s how massive the global brick-and-mortar retail market is.

To put that in perspective...

The total retail market is 3,945X larger than what Amazon sold in 2021.

Put simply: There are plenty of profits to squeeze out of the global brick-and-mortar retail market.

And Amazon is already getting started...

There are 503 Amazon-owned Whole Foods stores.

24 Amazon Go convenience stores...

23 Amazon Fresh grocery stores...

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Amazon will open a new clothing store in California…


And soon we'll even see Amazon department stores opening up across the country.


What’s more, The Wall Street Journal reported:

“Amazon executives have felt that brick-and-mortar stores would enable better engagement with customers and provide a showcase for its devices and other products to shoppers who otherwise might not have tried them.”

That’s why I’m certain…

From the local corner store to the big box stores at the mall…

Amazon will soon be in brick-and-mortar locations everywhere.

But here’s where the insane profits could start piling up sky-high in YOUR brokerage account

You see, Amazon isn't the only one who takes their cut on practically every retail purchase.

There are a few players who have been doing it for years.

I'm talking about credit card companies.

That's right... every time a credit card gets swiped or tapped anywhere across the world...

The credit card companies charge the retailers a fee..

In fact, my research shows the credit card companies charged up to $212 billion in fees in the last year alone...

If you're Amazon, would you be happy with leaving up to $212 billion on the table?

There’s no way.

After all, this is Amazon we’re talking about here.

The company that started as a humble online bookseller that branched out to sell toys…

Then CDs and DVDs, electronics, toys, and clothes...

Then cloud computing, international shipping, and blockbuster movies.

Heck, today, you can buy everything from dental floss to uranium ore through Amazon.

That’s why I have no doubt Amazon will want to get its hands on credit card fees too.

Now there are two ways that Amazon could break into the credit card business.

The first option is to build its own credit card company.

I think it’s fair to say that Amazon could dedicate years to creating a credit card company from scratch…

And it could hire an army of engineers and financial experts to deal with the inevitable headaches along the way.

But I find it unlikely.

Because as the VP of Amazon Pay, Patrick Gauthier, put it:


You have to ask…

Why would Amazon go through all the trouble of building a credit card company from scratch?

Especially considering Amazon could press the "easy button" to break into credit cards NOW.

The same “easy button” it's used 108 times before to easily enter a new industry?

The point I’m getting at is...

I believe Amazon's next blockbuster takeover will be a credit card company

Picture it...

Soon after taking over a credit card company, Amazon could launch the brand new Amazon Card.

First, the new card would be offered to all Amazon Prime members.

All 153 million of them.

To put that in perspective...

The largest credit card company, Visa, has 125 million cardholders.

Which means...

Amazon could become the “King Kong” of credit cards… practically overnight

Swipe after swipe, the profits from credit cards would pile up.

They'd be enormous!

And it would be all thanks to ONE credit card company.

But this credit card takeover gets even MORE profitable...

According to my research, Amazon paid $1.9 billion in credit card fees... last year alone.

Here’s the thing...

That’s up to $1.9 billion in fees Amazon could turn into pure profit

After all, if your neighbor buys a pack of socks and a spy novel on Amazon and pays with the Amazon Credit Card...

Would Amazon charge itself a fee?

No way.

Now if getting rid of up to $1.9 billion in credit card fees sounds like a good deal...

Just wait.

Because I'm about to show you something that gets me even more excited about this credit card takeover.

This isn’t the first time Amazon turned an expense into an asset… and unleashed a geyser of new profits…

That’s great new for YOU if you want a chance to make out like bandits!

See: right after the dot com bubble burst, Amazon's biggest expense was its servers — the computers that kept running.

They had entire warehouses full of computers to keep from crashing during the peak Christmas buying season.

The thing is...

They didn’t need all the servers during the rest of the year.

That’s when Jeff Bezos had one of the most brilliant ideas ever.

Amazon would rent out the unused servers to other internet businesses.

The crazy idea turned into Amazon Web Services (AWS), and they started selling its cloud services to other companies.

Now, according to Amazon's CFO Brian Olsavsky...

AWS is “arguably the most profitable... technology company in the world.”

But don’t just take my word for it… the numbers speak for themselves.

Look at this chart. The revenue from AWS has grown exponentially over the years… and I doubt it will slow down any time soon…

Starting with $21 million in revenue in its first year…

AWS revenue has exploded to $62 billion in 2021.

That’s a mind-boggling 296,090% increase.

Now AWS is Amazon’s most profitable business, outpacing the eCommerce store.

Those profits weren’t limited to Amazon…

Takeovers have been a crucial piece of making Amazon Web Services a reality.

And well-positioned investors had a chance to pocket massive profits.

Take CloudEndure, for example.

Amazon acquired the cybersecurity firm and CloudEndure investors were handed an 861% profit shot…

Or ClusterK...

Amazon acquired the cloud startup for $50 million. And ClusterK investors got a 1,567% profit opportunity…

That's a shot at multiplying your money more than 16-fold, on a single investment!

Last but not least, there's Elemental. Amazon bought the tiny software company for $500 million.

And Elemental investors were gifted an explosive 1,661% profit shot...

That trade on Elemental alone was enough to turn $1,000 into $16,100

$5,000 into $83,050

Or $10,000 into $166,100.

Stunning profits, no doubt.

But Amazon’s next takeover has the very real potential to outpace even those exceptional gains.

I’m talking about a chance to pocket as much as $213,398…

With a few clicks...

And less than 10 minutes (or less) of your time.

It’s all thanks to one remarkable credit card company that I believe Amazon has in its crosshairs.

But don't rush to buy up every credit card stock you can get your hands on… unless you enjoy leaving money on the table.

I've identified the one-of-a-kind credit card company that could unleash a tsunami of takeover profits into your brokerage account.

Because, for Amazon, it's the total package:

But here's what puts this credit card company over the top.

See: Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky discussed what the company looks for in an acquisition:

"Recently, we're looking for well-run companies...a real sense of customer obsession that matches ours.”

Turns out customer obsession is good business.

In fact, Business Insider reported:


That's where the incredible credit card company I've been hinting at today comes in.

Yes, it has all of the internal workings necessary for a credit card company.

But what sets it apart from the rest is an obsessive focus on customer service...

For the last 8 years running, this credit card company has consistently ranked at the top for customer service according to JD Power.

To quickly recap:

Bottom line: this credit card company is a perfect fit to be Amazon’s next takeover target...

But Amazon better make its bid soon...

Because the competition for this credit card company is getting fierce

See: there are more big players looking to sink their teeth deep into the credit card market.

These are some of the biggest players around.

I'm talking about the Big Banks.

For the last 4 decades, the Big Banks have made an absolute killing from credit cards.

In fact, Reuters recently reported that credit cards are one of the Big Banks' "most profitable businesses."

And now that the pandemic is lifting, the Big Banks are at war for your wallet, so they can add even bigger profits to their bottom line.



And they're going on an all-out blitz to scoop up new credit card customers.


JP Morgan launched its first virtual credit card...


And banking newcomer Sofi is getting in on the frenzy...


If you've noticed more credit card offers stuffed in your mailbox than usual.....

Well, now you have a pretty good idea why.

But marketing dollars can only move the needle so much.

As the credit card publication The Nilson Report put it:


When the marketing stops working...

The big banks will look to BUY new customers.

In fact, it's already happening...

Goldman Sachs closed a deal to buy GM's credit card portfolio.


And now they're on the hunt to get Jet Blue's credit card business.


The online-only bank Ally recently acquired the credit card company Fair Square Financial.


Barclays recently paid $3.8 billion to acquire the Gap's credit card portfolio


I believe we'll continue to see more acquisitions...

With the Financial Times recently reporting…


Now if I were a bank CEO, I'd look at this lone credit card company with dollar signs in my eyes.

I mean, one of the big banks could add an extra 60 million new credit card customers... not to mention the billions it could add to the bottom line.

So it makes perfect sense why David Robinson recently said...


What do you get when 10 companies go after ONE takeover target at the same time?

A bidding war.

And if you’re holding the target stock, it’s an absolute dream come true!


Bidding wars means BIGGER profits for YOU

For example...

Recently, the jewelry store chain Tiffany's was the main target in a bidding war between the luxury goods giant LVMH and Warren Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway.

The prospect of two titans duking it out for the same prize sent Tiffany's stock soaring...

And Tiffany’s investors were handed a 600% profit opportunity…

Then there’s Constellation Energy.

The energy company was the prize of a ferocious bidding war between Électricité de France and Berkshire Hathaway.

Électricité de France came out on top.

And when the deal finally closed, Constellation Energy shareholders had the chance to bank 1,638% gains.

Impressive indeed.

But big bidding wars like these can churn out even more spectacular profits.

Like the bidding war for Tech Data Corporation.

Berkshire Hathaway duked it out with the investment firm Apollo Global.

Apollo Global bested Buffett.

And when all was said and done, the fierce battle handed Tech Data investors a shot at staggering 2,180% gains.

That’s 22X your money…

Or enough to turn a $5,000 stake into a $109,000 fortune.

If you’re getting as excited as I am for this credit card takeover… keep reading.

Amazon vs. The Big Banks: Make THIS move to lock in your shot at profiting from the biggest bidding war in history

I mean, we're talking about Amazon vs. Bank of America vs. JP Morgan vs. Citi vs. Wells Fargo...

All with their eyes on the same prize...

And more importantly, every one of these gigantic corporations is overflowing with cash.

Which means the offers for this credit card company could be enormous.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see these corporate juggernauts duke it out with billion-dollar bid after billion-dollar bid.

That's why I'm fully convinced...

Even if Amazon doesn't pull the trigger on this credit card takeover...

One of the Big Banks will

And with a simple 5-minute move that I’ll show you in just a moment…

You could sit there watching with a smile so big, it threatens to split your face in two as you watch your profits stack up into the stratosphere.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But this bidding war could get even more profitable.

Because I predict we could see a haymaker bid…

I’m talking about a takeover offer so big it knocks out the competition with one blow...

And sends this credit card stock skyrocketing

That kind of bid requires a CEO with the conviction to pull the trigger.

And the cash to back it up.

I believe Amazon has just the man for the job.

As you may know, Amazon has a new CEO.

His name is Andy Jassy.

And the man is no stranger to takeover deals.

In fact, as head of Amazon Web Services, he oversaw one of the most aggressive takeover streaks in history…

13 acquisitions in a little over 2 years.

That means he closed a takeover deal roughly every 2 months.

So Jassy has the skills to get this credit card takeover done.

But that’s not all.

Because he also has the X-factor to close this deal fast.

See: Andy Jassy isn’t just a new CEO.

He’s the first to take the helm after Jeff Bezos…

Arguably one of the greatest CEOs of all time.

In short, Andy Jassy has GIANT shoes to fill.

So what can he do to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that Amazon is in good hands?

Well, according to the global consulting giant McKinsey, who studied over 600 new CEOs…

The advice is clear:

“Go big, go fast, or go home"

That’s why I believe that Andy Jassy is going to swing for the fences…

And put out a bid on this credit card company that is so big the competition will have no other choice but to throw in the towel.

When he does, billions of fresh profits could slam into Amazon’s bottom line like a 10-ton bomb.

While that is fantastic for Amazon… what does it mean for YOU?

Just how high could your profits pile up?

The way that takeovers work is the acquiring company pays a premium to buy the target...

In the past, Amazon has paid up to 30% to take over a company.

But I'm not talking to you today for a piddly 30% return.

I'm talking about the potential to collect a 2,064% profit surge.

How is that possible?

One word… Options.

Now before you run for the hills because I mentioned options…

Consider this:

Barron's called options "one of Wall Street’s greatest secrets."

And Investopedia added:


And the truth is, options aren't just for stock market wizards.

Here are everyday investors that I’ve helped banked real profits from options.

Like Hank P. who wrote me to say he banked a tidy 222% gain from ONE simple options trade.

And Ted C. wrote in that he banked a 322% profit thanks to my recommendation.


Steve L. wrote in to say he bought in at $6.85 and sold $55.85 for a MONSTER 715% gain


These aren’t financial whizzes, MBA graduates, or expert traders.

And while I can’t promise everyone will see the same success, I can say these are real stories from real investors...

And just like you, they were presented with an extraordinary opportunity.

They locked in their shot and were rewarded handsomely for it.

Today is your chance to join them.

If my research is correct — and I'm certain it is — Amazon is on the verge of making one of the most profitable takeovers in history.

And in-the-know investors, like you, who snap up this incredible credit card company could see profits up to $213,398 flood their brokerage account.

That's the kind of profit that most investors only dream about… but very few are ever bold enough to take action on.

You’re on the edge of a major decision…

Will you join in on what could be one of the largest profit plays in recent history… or will you simply sit on the sidelines, and think about what could have been.

If you want in, you’ve got to be ready and willing to make your move today, because:

Amazon could shock the world with this credit card takeover as soon as November 17th

Here's the deal.

Amazon is holding a special "closed-door" event.

Only the top executives and the big investors are allowed inside.

Investors from Wall Street to Main Street (myself included) would pay big bucks just to be a fly on the wall in that room.

The topic at hand?

The very future of Amazon.

That’s when I believe Amazon could announce this blockbuster takeover.

And once they do… just how long do you think it will take for that kind of bombshell news to hit the desk of every trader from Manhattan to Mumbai?

Now, I won’t put too fine a point on it, but one thing is for sure: the best time to act is BEFORE November 17th.

Because once this news hits the headlines….

The one-of-a-kind credit card company I’ve been tracking could blast off and never look back.

The bottom line: if you want to lock in the maximum potential profits... in the fastest time possible...

You must act NOW.

To give you a leg up, I’ve just put the finishing touches on a groundbreaking new report that reveals all you could possibly need to know about this unprecedented, rare, and exceptionally unique takeover opportunity.

report coverIt’s called Credit Card Conquest: Your Shot Raking in Up to $213,398 from Amazon's Next Blockbuster Takeover.

This exclusive step-by-step guide reveals all the details you need to know to put yourself in position to profit before Amazon makes their move.

That’s not all.

I’ll also give you special instructions that will show you how to “Double Dip” on your profits from this incredible credit card takeover.

Here’s the deal.

Inside Credit Card Conquest, I’ll also guide you step-by-step on how to make an easy buy-and-hold stock trade.

That gives you two ways to profit from one incredible takeover opportunity.

This report is quick, simple, and easy to read…

Just a few clicks and roughly five minutes today could be all that separates you from a shot at turning every $10k invested into as much as $213,398 in the weeks and months to come.

Regardless of if you’ve been investing for years or looking to make your first trade...

All my research is laid bare for you in my new, in-depth report.

If this report were released to the public, it would come with a $499 price tag…

And it would be a steal at that price…

After all, a single trade on this stock could hand you 21X your money.

But this is an exceptionally rare opportunity...

And I want to make sure I help as many everyday Americans as possible stake their claim on the sky-high potential profits.

Which is why today…

This special report is yours “on the house.”

That's right: I'm going to give you a copy of Credit Card Conquest — absolutely free

All you need to do in order to access your copy of this groundbreaking new report is accept my personal invitation to join me inside my elite advisory, Takeover Trader.

Takeover Trader is a one-of-a-kind investment research service dedicated to uncovering the HUGE paydays from takeovers…

In every corner of the stock market.

Because while following Amazon is an excellent place to look for exceptional takeover trades with massive profit potential.

Make no mistake.

Takeover trades pop up in practically every industry on earth.

Here are just a few of the kinds of takeover trades I strive to deliver inside of Takeover Trader.

Take the case of the energy company Clearway Energy.

When it was acquired by the investment firm KKR, investors could have banked a 1,150% gain... in 11 days.

12X your money in under 2 weeks sounds pretty good, right?

But takeover profits get even better.

Because when news got out that the automotive tech company Veoneer was getting acquired…

Investors had the chance to pocket 1,567%... in only 3 days.

And just look at what happened with the biopharma company, Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

When word got out that they were being acquired...

Investors holding Alexion could have banked a massive 4,547% gain... in just 13 days.

Think about that — you could have cashed out $45,471 for every $1,000 invested. Or $227,353 for every $5,000 you put in.

And that’s only a small taste of the kinds of takeover opportunities my system is designed to pinpoint inside Takeover Trader.

Just take a look at what is possible when you find — and invest — in the right takeover targets.


Now, to be clear, I can’t promise you’ll cash out with a winner every time.

It’s true what they say…

Nothing in investing is guaranteed and you should never risk more than you’re willing to part with.

But these are the exact type of profit opportunities Takeover Trader is designed to deliver directly to you…

Week after week… month after month.

Because with the tidal wave of buyouts I'm certain will be coming down the pike...

The most profitable year of your entire life could begin today

There's one number that explains it all — $2.5 trillion.

That's the record-setting stash that United States companies are sitting on right now.


What are they doing with all that cash?

Gobbling up companies like a kid let loose in a candy store.

Forbes recently reported:


Make no mistake:

This buying frenzy still has plenty of room to run.

Fortune reported:


All this means...

We're in the middle of a buyout “gold rush...”

And Takeover Trader is the best way I know to stake your claim on the profits

That's thanks to my proprietary system that sniffs out the most profitable takeover targets… before they spike.

A system I developed with a level of rigorous testing that would make NASA proud.

I'm talking about:

Long story short, I put my system through the ultimate stress test...

And I’m glad I did.

Since opening Takeover Trader, my system has pinpointed dozens of different ‘takeover trade’ opportunities... of course not all of them are winners

In the interest of full transparency, here's the full list of closed trades since starting Takeover Trader.

close trades

My current AVERAGE GAIN across all closed positions — including our "losers" — is 33%.

That’s over 3X better than the 10-year average of the stock market!

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