BREAKING NEWS FROM THE U.S. GEOLOGICAL: Texas is about to bend OPEC over America’s knee… and dig up what top government officials verify is the largest natural oil reserve in history

The Mother of All Oil Booms (And The 1 Stock Set to Profit)

In the coming days, one little-known Texas company could uncork nearly a billion barrels of oil… and unleash a 4,022% surge of mega-profits

Make one simple move today and you could see every $1,500 invested spike to more than $61,832

Dear Smart Investor,

A groundbreaking oil discovery could soon rocket America into THE top dog position in the global energy market.

And thanks to the shocking profit play I’ve just uncovered…

If you’ll give me the next 5 minutes of your time… I’ll how you a simple strategy that could see every $1,500 invested in one simple stock rocket up to $61,832 (or more).


To the naked eye, this pristine Texas pasture might not look like much… but sitting 5,964 feet below the surface… is what the U.S. Geological Survey confirms is the largest oil reserve EVER RECORDED. 

Could this be our secret weapon against OPEC’s greedy grip on the global energy market… and your one-way investment ticket to obscene oil wealth?

Read on for the details of this once-in-a-century power play.

Let me explain…

While the photo to your right might look like a regular pasture in “Anywhere, America”… that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Underneath a serene view just like this one, is what the U.S. Geological Survey confirms to be the biggest natural oil reserve of ALL-TIME.

In other words?

We could be just days from bringing energy independence back within our borders, plummeting gas prices…

And unleashing a once-in-a-generation investment opportunity…

All thanks to one tiny “middle of nowhere” company that’s set uncork nearly a billion barrels of oil from the largest natural reserve in HISTORY.

Put another way…

You’re looking at enough good-old-fashioned Texas “black gold” to independently power America for the next 49 years – and have global oil cartels groveling at our feet

Oil cartels will no longer be able to dangle resources in our face like some carrot on a stick…

And their supply of oil will no longer be used as a political weapon against us.

Enough is enough.

And the timing on a discovery like this – just as the world is finally starting to open back up – couldn’t be better.

All this to say American could finally seize the global energy throne – permanently.

Former United States Secretary of the Interior and Montana congressman Ryan Zinke agrees:


The very best part?

Today, I’m going to share how everyday Americans like you can get in on the ground floor of this opportunity…

And claim your share of this “Mother of all Oil Booms”…

Months before Wall Street fat cats sniff it out and snap up all the profits for themselves.

I’m talking about the chance to turn every $1,500 into $61,832 – 41 TIMES your money.

Because, according to my research…

Ever since John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil broke ground on their first well, “black gold” has been the easiestquickestsingle most lucrative method of striking it rich.

SNGS-RM – a premier oil and gas company – took investors for an insane joyride of 15,728%

LKOH-RM – a petroleum exploration company – shot up with gains of 8,525%

RIL-IN – a multinational energy company – with 6,161%

Take that 6,161% gain alone, and you’d be looking at turning every $1,000 to $62,610.

I’ll level with you – these are incredible examples of gains that the oil industry has handed out in the past… and while there is no guarantees when it comes to investing…

They do show the potential hiding just beneath our feet.

Because even if this opportunity only shells out a “tiny” gain of 4,022%…

(And in a moment, I’ll walk through why that’s my conservative estimate…)

I can’t imagine anyone would be mad at turning every $100 into $4,122… $1,000 into $41,220… and even $10,000 into a massive $412,200.

The bottom line is… oil has always been where the “Big Money” is.

And everything’s bigger in Texas.

I’m not the only one who’s been watching this new oil boom unfold:




Which means this unprecedented oil discovery – and wealth-generating opportunity…

Could make THIS your breakout year.

(That’s me being conservative.)

America could be days from kicking off the mother of all oil booms… and claiming our rightful throne atop the global energy market… permanently

The raw upside potential I see inside this opportunity could be life-changing.

(That’s me being realistic.)

And as I’ll share in just a moment, the Biden Administration’s recent “antics” surrounding oil and electric vehicles won’t stop things in the slightest.

How can I be so sure?

The U.S. Geological Survey unearthed the largest oilfield in HISTORYopening the opportunity for us to single-handedly take the reins on the global energy supply – without cutting anyone else in

This discovery could unleash unbelievable wealth for those bold enough to make the right moves – NOW.

Let me be clear:

This isn’t a “pump and pray” move where we spend billions playing “whack-a-mole” in the ground.

Our nation’s top geologists confirm billions of recoverable barrels of oil are there…

Waiting to be retrieved.

And my research has me convinced this opportunity has the potential to add a few zeros to your bank account…

Because in the coming days, one tiny Texas company could light the fuse on the mother of all oil booms.

If you want to capture this once-in-a-century opportunity that could hand you almost obscene oil profits, with just a couple of clicks of your mouse…

Today’s the day you’ve been dreaming of.

For perspective…

Thanks to the discovery I’m about to share, this West Texas oil basin is set to
outproduce Saudi Arabia’s largest oil field
for decades to come

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what some of the top financial news outlets have to say:


Forbes has crowned what’s about to go down as:


What’s more, if you think the company my research says could go vertical is as big as Exxon or Shell…

Think again.

See, with a bloated behemoth of a company like Exxon, the big money’s already been made.

But the company I’m targeting is just 0.6% the size of Exxon…

In other words, with a company this small, even an investment of $100 could shoot up 4,022% – at warp speed.

From then on, you may never have to worry about money again.

Imagine… a single investment in this hidden gem, could load your nest egg with enough cash to splurge in your Golden Years and live the retirement most people only dream of.

Golfing all day… finishing your dream home renovations… revving that sleek, new Harley as you slice through traffic… walking the streets of Paris with your wife… or picking up the tab at your favorite fancy steakhouse, without sweating the bill…

In just a moment, I’ll show you exactly how to stake your claim, along with why I believe this opportunity could come to a head in the coming days.

What’s more, I’ll reveal exactly why NOW is the perfect time to make your move (wait even a day longer and your shot at profits could snap shut)…

And I’ll give you not one… but TWO different ways to play this historic discovery.


Right now, this company is flying under the financial media’s radar, so don’t expect to hear about it on the news… YET

But big moves are being made behind the scenes, as we speak:

Which means the race is on to stake your claim. Because by the time this company’s name is splashed across the nightly news, it’ll already be too late to make your move.

If you want in…

You need to move fast…

Because this company’s shares could
start their climb any day now

That day that could rewrite the global narrative, change history forever…

And could be the day you cash in on your future fortune with a play that could ultimately hand you back up to 41 times your money.

It’s going to be – in a word – BONKERS.

Because if my research is correct – and I’m utterly convinced it is

This Texas oil discovery and the potential profits it’s sitting on top of could make every other investment you’ve made this year seem laughable.

I’ll prove it to you starting right now.

All I ask is you give me a few minutes, and I’ll reveal how to position yourself to cash in on the mother of all oil booms…

And potentially retire with more cold-hard cash you’ll ever be able to spend.

If you know how to check email…

And click a button…

You have everything you need to start profiting from every drop of “black gold” this company siphons out of the ground in the coming days.

But you don’t need to just take me at my word…

Let me PROVE just how powerful (and profitable) this opportunity could be.

To understand why this discovery is so groundbreaking, you need to “travel” with me to the outskirts of West Texas…

To an area called the Permian Basin.

Now, we’ve always known the Permian Basin was abundant in oil.

So much so…

The Wall Street Journal crowned it:


Because in previous oil booms, due to the stampede of workers rushing to get to the basin…

Hotel prices there rivaled New York City at well over $500 a night, barbers took home $180,000 a year, and oil company dinners at a rinky-dink BBQ restaurant were upwards of $6,000.

Crazy, right?

And while it’s true we’ve drilled there for decades, this was the first time the U.S. Geological Survey assessed this particular piece of land.

That’s because as much as we’ve scoured…

As deep as we’ve gotten…

We’ve only dug into less than 0.1% of the Earth’s total depth.

(Picture peeling skin off a grape – it’s not much.)

Put simply:

There are untold billions in raw materials just below our feet…

Waiting – no – BEGGING to be explored.

And with each passing year, we develop breakthrough technology that lets us dive down further and further with pinpoint accuracy…

To uncover jackpots, like this one:

See, when government officials got to the office in the Permian Basin on that fateful Wednesday afternoon…

To them, it must’ve been just another day on the job.

I’m sure not one of them had a clue what was about to happen…

A truly “groundbreaking” historical event.

The results of which are unlike anything
I’ve seen in my 23-year career of researching the markets

My name is Nathan Slaughter.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist of Street Authority – one of America’s most trusted and well-respected financial publishers.

Before my 23-year investment career took off, I rose from a humble Louisiana upbringing…

To the highest ranks of Wall Street.

Where I managed millions of dollars for my clients, with a single goal in mind:

To help them enjoy a lavish retirement the easiest way I know of – with hidden plays like the one I’m going to show you today.

See, it’s my job to pore over research that other wet-behind-the-ears analysts – bless their pretty little hearts – are too lazy to crack open.

Because that’s where you get “the goods” the public only sees after it’s too late.

So when breadcrumbs of this historic oil play came across my desk…

I dropped everything to get you the dirty details ASAP.

(Which means you’ll have to excuse any spelling errors. I wanted to give you the details as fast as possible. Frankly, I don’t care about ruffling the feathers of perfectionists. I care about giving you a shot at getting insanely rich as soon as possible.)

Back to the basin:

As the geologists drill blasted
into the sediment, you won’t believe
what happened next…

They had just struck the mother of all reservoirs.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…

“Isn’t America already the world’s largest exporter of oil? Does extra oil really move the needle?”

But that’s the thing:

We are the world’s leading producer of oil, yet we still don’t produce enough to cover America’s needs.

That’s like owning a clothing company, yet being shirtless yourself.

A recent report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration revealed that in 2020, we still relied on imports from other countries…

To the tune of 2.15 billion barrels.

Yet everything could change in the coming days.

That’s when we could start to uncover the oil found in the Permian Basin and cut our reliance on foreign resources for good…

“But Nathan, is oil even going to be important for much longer with Biden in office?
And what about alternative energy
and electric vehicles?”

I can hear them now – millennials praising “alternative energy” and the recent push for electric vehicles while disregarding the facts:

And electric vehicles?


In other words: electric vehicles are still decades away from making even a dent in the oil market…

And oil’s not going anywhere, anytime soon.

When it comes to the White House trying to steer away from oil…

They don’t have the support for it!

Over a dozen states have already sued the Biden administration over trying to block new oil and gas drilling…

Chief among them: TEXAS!

In fact, recently a federal judge in Louisiana stopped the Biden administration from blocking new oil and drilling leases, citing they need approval from Congress.

And seeing as how the oil industry supplies nearly 10 million jobs nationwide (6 percent of America’s total job market)…

Do you really think Congress is going to shut down millions of people’s livelihoods?

At a time like this? Ever?

Not a chance.

All this to say…

The global oil market is worth $7.4 trillion and America’s ready to siphon every dollar

What does that mean for you?

Well I won’t guarantee you’ll satisfy your childhood dreams of owning the New England Patriots… New York Yankees… or Golden State Warriors…

But what if I told you your investment today could give lifetime season passes for you and your grandkids?

Maybe you’d like a flashy new set of golf clubs.

Perhaps rather than bet on your next horse at the track – you buy one… in cash.

The point is this:

I’m not here to tell you how to spend your money… however I am here to help put you on the fastest path to profits.

Just to drive the point home one last time and show you the profit potential behind the mother of all oil booms to come…

POL PA – a leading oil and gas exploration and production company – unleashed 4,623% gains for savvy investors like yourself…

CNE LN – an innovative energy extracting company – with 4,724%

PETR-BZ – an oil and natural gas juggernaut – granted 4,187%

If it isn’t obvious by now… Oil is where the Big Bucks are made.

It’s why I’m so excited to share the one Texas company that could start to uncork nearly a billion barrels of oil.

It could happen any day now.

Making a few everyday investors like you stinking-filthy-rich beyond your wildest dreams…

And of course, deliver:

A red-white-and-blue shake up to the global oil market unlike anything we’ve ever seen…

Look, you’ve likely heard of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries…

OPEC for short.

You’re also likely familiar with what a global bully they’ve been.

If not, here’s the “long-story-short”:

OPEC continues to be an opportunist and energy bully that thinks they can do what they want, when they want…

But now?

As a nation, we finally have the chance to turn the tables and take the teeth out of OPEC’s bite…

Follow my lead today and it could pack your portfolio with gains up to 4,022%

Now, let me break down why I’m so bullish on this small-cap oil company.

Like I said, they’re a measly 0.6% the size of Exxon…

Meaning the room to grow is nearly unlimited.

And they’re one of the premier landowners in Texas with 81,700 acres of oil-rich land and over 2,400 drilling locations in – you guessed it: The Permian Basin.

One glance at their balance sheet, and you’d be stunned.

Because in a cycle where The New York Times reports most oil companies have cut back drilling, laid off workers, and written off assets to survive…

The oil company I’m about to share with you is thriving.

In fact, they’ve generated $10,600,000 in free cash flow for the third consecutive quarter…

Meaning they’re one of the only companies with the cash to pursue drilling opportunities like the one I’ve detailed to you today.

What’s more, this hidden gem of a company is currently averaging a total of 54,202 barrels of oil a day

That’s before tapping the massive oil discovery the U.S. Geological Survey just found.

One that sits in part smack dab under their 81,700 acres fields!

Look, I haven’t found another oil company pulling in numbers like these.

And according to my latest research deep-dive:

This little company could break the news
of the historic oil discovery – in their next quarterly announcement

When that happens, I believe one of two things will follow…

Each giving you a chance to profit handsomely.

One – it’ll create an all-out bidding war amongst every Big Oil company to acquire this tiny company. Big Oil will do everything in their power to be the ones to uncork a historic amount of oil themselves.

By that time, you could be locked and loaded with a stake of your own, and watch your profits go up, up, and up through the roof.

When a big company buys a smaller one, the smaller company’s shares almost always go through the roof.

How can I be so certain?

In Q4 of last year, we saw 5 major oil & gas acquisitions totaling $24.7 billion.

Four of which were in companies in the Permian Basin!

In Q1 of 2021 alone, according to S&P Global, there were 117 oil and gas deals, totaling $26.37 billion.

Just to give you a glimpse of the profits here, when Energy Transfer LP (ET) purchased Enable Midstream Partners LP (ENBL)…

ENBL’s stock shot up higher in one trading day than the stock’s total performance over its entire company history, which was 7 years.

The same thing happened when Diamondback snatched up QEP Resources.

QEP Resources’ stock soared higher in a single day than its total performance over the last 2 years of company history.

When New Fortress Energy Inch (NFE) gobbled up GMLP…

Once again, GMLP’s stock surged higher in just 24 hours than its total performance over the company’s last 9 years.

I could keep going, but you get the point:

When this tiny titan of a Texas company gets bought out – as my research has me convinced it will

Your profits could shoot to the moon, faster than you ever thought possible.

From that alone, you could bank a massive chunk of oil change.

My suggestion is you take the spouse out for a night out on the town immediately to celebrate.

Welcome to life on Easy Street.

Two – even if for some odd reason this company doesn’t get acquired, the drilling process still has to begin. Progress can’t be stopped because as a country, we need oil – no two ways about it.

Which means, regardless of what happens from this day forward, owning shares of this could put you in position to profit, hand-over-fist.

Remember, this small company is a premier landowner in the Permian Basin – right on top of the world’s largest oil reserve…

With over 81,700 acres of land and over 2,400 drilling locations.

My calculations suggest that could add up to as much as a billion barrels of oil alone!

It’s not a matter of if…

It’s a matter of when they start extracting the new oil.

So, here’s the deal:

If you want to get in on the potential mega-profits up for grabs…

Don’t delay a moment longer.

When global energy domination… the wellbeing of America… and your future well-deserved retirement potentially on the line…

Every second counts.

Plain and simple: act now and you could turn every $1,500 invested into $61,832 in the coming days.

Sound good to you?


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Which means, buyouts aren’t only the fastest way to make money from the stock market…

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How staggering?

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And while that profit shot is impressive… its nowhere near the top.

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Make no mistake…

It’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Takeover trades are popping up in practically every industry you can think of.

And with the tidal wave of buyouts, I’m certain will be coming down the pike…

The most profitable year of your entire life could begin today

There’s one number that explains it all – $2.5 trillion.

That’s the record-setting stash that United States companies are sitting on right now.


What are they doing with all that cash?

Gobbling up companies like a kid let loose in a candy store.

Forbes recently reported:


Make no mistake:

This buying frenzy still has plenty of room to run.

Fortune reported:


All this means…

We’re in the middle of a buyout “gold rush…”

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I’m talking about:

Long story short, I put my system through the ultimate stress test…

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For example:

I issued a trade alert on the natural grocery chain: Sprouts Farmers Market.

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With a 150% gain.

Not bad, right?

My system spotted another fast-cash opportunity. This time on one of Netflix’s main competitors.

(We still have open positions on this one, so I can’t reveal the name.)

The big cable companies HATE these guys…

But after QUADRUPLING our money… in just 4 days

I think it’s safe to say my readers love them.

Incredible no doubt.

But this next trade takes the cake.

Recently, I issued a trade alert on the cloud company Twilio.

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Impressive indeed.

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I’ll do the math for you…

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hero shot

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We’ve covered a lot today, but there’s
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the most important of all

Let’s talk grown-up to grown-up.

Today I’ve introduced you to this remarkable Texas oil company…

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Nathan Slaughter
Chief Investment Strategist
Takover Trader

P.S. Thanks to a record-breaking oil discovery by the U.S. Geological Survey, we could never have to rely on foreign oil imports again.

Best of all: my research has led me to one Texas company with rights to drill as much as a BILLION barrels of it.

Today, investors like you can get in on the 4,022% gains I expect to start flowing from this sleeping juggernaut with a couple clicks of a mouse – and line your pockets with tremendous wealth.

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(Your credit card will NOT be charged… and you can review ALL of your order details)

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