5 winners in my last 6 tries — for 5X your money in 71 days! — all from tracking a flurry of hidden CEO moves in Spring & Summer 2020 But that’s NOTHING compared to what’s coming next…



Why the Most Daring Secret Plan
in Stock Market History is
About to Funnel $4.0 Trillion of
Cash into This Hidden Asset Class

Plus: Your 100% Legal Shot at Making 5 Times
Your Money in as Little as a Week with the
Next Wave of Easy Trades

Dear Investor,

For a precious few people, cash is growing on trees in 2020.

But you, my friend, are probably NOT one of them.

And if that feels WRONG to you…

Well, it should.

So, let’s get to work fixing it, starting RIGHT NOW.

Because once I’ve exposed an elite ring of CEOs & their $4.0 Trillion scandal…

A secret directive I call “Project Rainmaker”…

And the hidden asset they’re on the verge of funneling ALL of that cash into…

You’ll be thrilled to discover the honest way to “make it rain” consistent profits in your portfolio — in any type of market.

Just an easy, repeatable type of trade I’ve shown my readers in 2020 that unleashed…

5 times your money in 71 days —
with five easy trades.

If that seems crazy, I hear you. But my readers and I aren’t the only ones talking.

As the world’s largest online investing mastermind, Seeking Alpha puts it:


Let’s look at some of my “Rainmaker” trades right now.

On April 29th, I issued a trade alert on the natural grocery chain: Sprouts Farmers Market.

With a few simple guided clicks, you’d have locked in… waited for my sell signal… and closed out of the trade 8 days later…

Two-and-a-half times richer. Enough to turn a $500 grubstake… into $1,250.

The same day you entered Sprouts…

You’d have also seen my alert on the shipping stock XPO Logistics.

This time, following the two trade recommendations inside – you’d have scored a cumulative 23.4% gain.

Not a home run like the first, but remember…

In just a few weeks, that one trade would’ve handed you DOUBLE the annual return of the S&P 500.

Not bad, right?

It gets better…

On May 27, the day after we closed out of XPO…

I issued another trade alert on Pioneer Natural Resources — the Texas shale oil company.

9 days was all it took to strike “Texas-sized” profits — with nearly 2X your money pouring out of Pioneer.

That’s three trades so far…

Two of them in double-your-money range…

And yet, the next two trades take the cake.

On June 4th, seven days after getting into Pioneer…

My system spotted another fast-cash opportunity. This time on one of Netflix’s main competitors.

(We still have open positions on this one, so I can’t reveal the name).

The big cable companies HATE these guys… but after nearly TRIPLING our money… my readers love them.

They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but my readers would beg to differ…

Because, just 21 days later — we traded the very same stock, AGAIN, for even more money.

This time, for more than quadruple your money…

(Enough to turn your $500 into $2,219.65… or $2,000 into $8,878.60.)

Between April 29 and July 9, 2020 — in the midst of literal “hell & high water” — these five easy trades earned my readers a whopping 402.96% return.

There’s no smoke & mirrors going on here.

And that’s no fluke, because I’ll show you 3 years of additional proven data… pulled directly from this hidden area of the market.

But I’m not here to rub salt in the wound.

(I think we agree 2020 has already done a pretty good job of THAT…)

Instead, I’m here to show you how YOU can join this group of savvy Americans investing in these lucrative “Rainmaker” trades… so YOU will have the opportunity to turn every $1,000 into $5,029 too.

Again, this exposé is only about real people, real trades, and real life-changing profits.

Inside the burning center of the most volatile stock market since 1987.

Before we go further, let me shoot straight with you: those 5 trades you just saw?

That was only the opening scene.

For what?

A high-level corporate game far bigger — and more jaw-dropping — than I EVER imagined when I struck out on my research mission.

You’re going to get the full story inside today’s exposé, plus the full shocking truth about the men behind it…

After Pulling on a “Thread” in My Data Feed…
I’ve Traced These Hidden Cash-Transfers
Back to their Source…

And Unraveled a New Way to Cut Yourself into “Rainmaker Trades”… for BIG Single-Trade Profits

You’ve probably figured out whose grubby fingers hold the starting gun to Project Rainmaker:


And if your stomach turned at the thought of them sipping $400 bottles of champagne at 30,000 feet…

Flying private from Jackson Hole to Manhattan — staying in 5-star hotels wherever they go…

While their workers – good, hard-working people – maybe even you personally…

…are scratching by on 3,500 times less money!

I guess I just want them to play fair, but of course… they won’t.

So, there’s good news, and bad news.

The bad news is their greedy behavior is FAR worse than you even imagined.

The good news?

There’s a proven, ethical way for you to profit from this…

Not by taking part in their maneuvers, but by anticipating them.

No rule breaking. No shady dealing involved.

Just 100% legal stock trades. You have my word.

Because the investing move I’ll reveal:

Now those trades on the five companies I showed you a moment ago — for 402.96% gains in 71 days — are now “closed.”

But don’t let it get you down that you missed out on them!

Research from world-leading consulting firm PriceWaterhouse Cooper shows trades occur every 6 days on average inside this hidden market.

Based on 23 years trading professionally, that’s about what I’ve seen in my experience too.

Of course, at that rapid-fire rate – you can guess they’re not ALL created equal.

My system crunches through billions of possible trades… to share only the very best ones.

Right now, my readers also have positions in ten open trades. Which means we have yet to close out on them, and potentially collect a profit.

As of filming this presentation…

We are UP on nine out of ten open trades
in 71 days…

Now, as much as I’d love to tell you which stocks I’m talking about here — it wouldn’t be fair to the men & women with access to my premium “top shelf” picks.

I’m well aware it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, but only a second to lose it…

So, you can rest assured the trades I’m about to show you are active, open trades my system has selected.

Let’s take a look right now at some of the money-making opportunities my readers have positions in as I sit here to record this.

Three trades we entered into on May 7, are currently up by a healthy 24.7%… 22.4%… and 17.6%

Not bad, but once June began, spring drizzle turned to summer rain.

On June 22 we entered this next trade, and already — we’ve racked up profits most investors would be happy to see in 5 YEARS…

With plenty more runway ahead of us.

Now, I don’t normally show my “unfinished work” to anyone except my wife…

But I don’t need to tell you there’s nothing normal about these times, do I?

So rather than risk you thinking I’m pulling the wool over your eyes…

Cherry-picking my winners, and hiding the losers — like oh-so-many online trading “experts” do without skipping a beat…

I wanted to give you an unobstructed look at all my “horses” in the race.

While they’re running.

And as you can see, they are blazing up at a staggering clip.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to pile into the next three of these “Rainmaker” trades… for up to five times your money.

First though, we’re going to blow the lid off what I believe is the most profitable investing system of the century.

Which begs the question: has 2020 until now been some kind of fluke?

With the Fed keeping interest rates historically low…

Trillions of cash sitting like dry powder inside corporate balance sheets…

COVID-19… dangerous riots… and the election creating a thick smokescreen…

I couldn’t help but wonder…

Will these “Rainmaker” trades keep winning
this FAST… or keep happening AT ALL…
once lockdown ends & the economy evens out?

I’m certain: the answer is yes.

But let’s delve into a few key reasons why.

2020 seems to have opened Pandora’s box of “firsts.”

Things we’ve never seen before, and God-willing, we will never see again.

Which begged 2 obvious question:

  1. Was the 403% gain we earned in 71 days an anomaly?
  2. Was the system I used to produce those gains dynamic enough to produce profits like these across any economic conditions?

Not yet fully convinced my system was 100% bulletproof…

I had to make sure these “Rainmaker” trades were supported by long-range data too.

In other words, I had to make sure my system was not some kind of 2020 fluke.

Which required me to look back… before the world spun into this mess…

First, I searched high and low for a premade data-feed.

Something that could scan back in time for these trades, kind of like a radar.

There was nothing.

(Same as today, the people behind these trades always try to stay out of the spotlight.)

When I came up empty-handed, there was only one thing to do…

Build my own proprietary set of screening analyses – to back-track this weird activity myself.

After all, if Apple, Microsoft, and Google started in a garage, then why couldn’t I?

What began as a “garage test”…

Became a critical, astonishing breakthrough in the development of the trading system I’m going to show you today.

Because as I suspected — as far back as 2017

Traces of these hidden signals came off certain stocks BEFORE they shot up.

Like a deep ocean current, seemingly out of nowhere, something powerful & strange was happening beneath the surface of the regular activity of these companies.

Lo and behold, each time my “garage test” found these signals on a stock — its price shot up days later.

Between 2017 and 2019… these signals appeared on 86 different stocks… so a new one roughly every thirteen days.

Can you guess how many went up?


With overwhelming validation like that – I now knew my stock-screen was bulletproof.

And this hidden market came into full crystal clarity.

Across a broad range of economic conditions…

Woven into the fabric of the stock market, these trades will go up… sometimes overnight… in ANY market.

Up, down, or sideways.

But here’s where this trade gets even more interesting — and where you can make some REAL money….

Harvard Business Review released a shocking study this year. It estimates American corporations have now stockpiled $4.0 TRILLION in cold hard cash.

That’s 5 percent… of all the money in the world… sitting inside corporate U.S. bank accounts.

And when they start to deploy it – potentially weeks or even days from now…

You could ride this next $4.0 trillion wave
to as much as 5X your money…
maybe more.

After the wave crashes, you won’t want to have missed this historic money-making opportunity.

An event I’m convinced, beyond any shadow of doubt…

Makes the next few days your #1 gateway to enter into millionaire “rainmaker” territory.

I’ll show you why the precise 4-part stock screen I engineered is your best way in the door… for a shot at quick gains of 5x or more.

In-the-know investors can see this wave thundering closer as we speak.

Like global business magazine Quartz – who reports the pandemic brewed the perfect storm for this hidden asset:


On May 5, well into full-on global lockdown…

The famous Toronto-based investment bank RBC Capital Markets told their investors:


On an annual basis, that’s a new “Rainmaker Trade” every day and a half! And that’s just in the U.S.

Among this pool, my proprietary 4-part system only tracks trades with the biggest profit potential…

Trades Barron’s magazine said could happen even more often post-lockdown.

They reported: “One byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic” is special circumstances that could:


This next wave is coming.

And yes — it’s “the big one.”

How can I be so sure?

Unlike the handful of new sources who are picking up on it…

I’ve watched it brewing on the horizon for years.

And I’ve NEVER seen an opportunity this perfect, to walk away rich from just a handful of trades.

Nathan SlaughterHi, my name is Nathan Slaughter.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist at StreetAuthority — one of America’s oldest independent financial publishers.

Before my 23-year career took off, I rose from a humble Louisiana upbringing…

To the highest ranks of Wall Street…

Where I managed millions of dollars for my clients and helped them find an edge in their investments.

Decades inside the heart of global finance, and you can’t help but notice the gut-wrenching chasm between the 1% — the CEOs — and the 99% of everyday investors.

Normal Americans are stuck with a tiny menu of investments compared to these elites.

Because the out-of-reach best investment plays… not unlike the one I want to show you today…

Are usually closed off to the vast majority of investors.

Usually, you need a million-dollar net worth… or $300k in annual income… to even hear about these opportunities.

That’s why I’m so excited these “Rainmaker Trades” can help ANYONE profit… no matter their background or net worth… just like Ted, Anita, & Van

These aren’t outdated emails from yesteryear…

No, this is what a handful of readers wrote in to say in the last few weeksfolks I deemed qualified to “beta test” the system I’ve refined for you today.

These aren’t financial whizzes, MBA graduates, or expert traders.

And while I can’t promise everyone will see the same success, I can say: these are ordinary Americans, just like you.

Who probably saw a chance to get greedy when others were fearful.

Now you can do the same – heck, even better

By seeing Project Rainmaker for what it really is:


One that allows Fat Cat CEOs to stuff unprecedented billions of cash in their pockets while the world panics…

Meanwhile, regular folks are just trying to scrape by…

Protect what wealth they’ve built up… and get out of this nightmare unscathed.

This time, you can join the few who rise from the rubble richer than before, by leaps and bounds.

How can I be so sure? Because we’re already doing it. Not in 2017, 2018, or 2019 — right NOW.

The craziest part of it all?

The 5X gains in 71 days my readers had the chance to score?

Is an honest “low water mark”…

Of the tidal wave that could wash you into “millionaire territory” before 2020 is finished.

I think you’ll agree once you see the five trades I’m about to share…

Which I pulled from a multi-year research study into this hidden stock market corner, where…

HUGE winners pump out triple…
quadruple… even 8X your money

Take IMDZ, for example.

6.34 Billion shares of stock traded hands on February 21st…

But only one “Rainmaker” trade did this.

This quadruple-your-money win didn’t require decades of patience, as you might expect…

It happened overnight.

Four days later on February 25th — a kaleidoscope of tickers swirled through the markets…

But only ONE did this:

Another “Rainmaker” stock…

Another overnight jackpot, for more than double your money.

Again, one particular Thursday, stock tickers pinballed at the speed of light from Manhattan to Madrid…

But only one “Rainmaker” stock shot up this high, this fast.

Imagine getting in on Wednesday with $1,000.

By dinnertime Thursday, you’d be sitting on $4,208 and change — from just this one trade.

To be clear: all 3 of these were regular stocks. Not options, complex shorts, or crypto currencies.

(You could have bought them with any ordinary brokerage account.)

And they paid out in under 24 hours.

When one hit on a stock called Synthorx…

“Rainmakers” who played their cards right would have nearly tripled their money.

Hold on, we’re not done yet.

Not by a long shot.

Another “Rainmaker” trade on a Houston-based energy contractor called Willbros Group.

Triple your money, and then some, in less than 24 hours.

Now, let’s say you’d invested $1,000 into each of those trades.

No rolling them together or any of that nonsense, just 5 standalone trades and $5,000…

These 5 easy “Rainmaker” trades would’ve more than tripled your money into $16,769.80.

The reason you can make so much…

Even with a small starting stake…

Is the profits “rain” down from HUGE hidden market moves.

How big are we talking?

Well, this type of stock trade rained down
$60 BILLION DOLLARS on a single Monday…

(And days from now, your next fast-money flood could break)

November 25th, 2019 was “just another Monday” by most accounts.

But while the media squawked about the Chinese trade deal… debated gold prices… and the Dow inched 200 points higher…

A savvy set of investors were filling up with $60 Billion dollars in “Rainmaker” cash.

(Profits equaling the GDP of Costa Rica – in a single day – with the type of trade I’ll show you below.)

If you have “nerdy” reading habits, you may have read about this stock trade without even realizing it.

For example, you might have noticed when Wall Street Journal said this kind of trade can:


And Harvard Business Review confirmed these trades can:


Now Forbes magazine says…


And CNN Money verified these trades can produce:


How staggering?

One of the trades they reported on could have 300X’d your money in a single trading day.

That means every $1,000 into this “Rainmaker” trade would have spit out $300,000.

Shares were trading for less than $2 on Friday…the gain [next Monday] was 30,000%!

Listen, I know profits this big might feel a bit overwhelming…

But stick with me another three minutes…

And I’ll show you an easy way to pocket these fast potential cash-outs…

For up to 5X your money or more… possibly in just the next few weeks.

No complicated software. No special trading account. No day trading.

Just easy, ordinary trades.

I give you my word… once you see how easy it is to make trades inside this hidden asset class…

You’ll be brimming with confidence…

Ready & equipped to make your first “Rainmaker” trade, and collect up to $2,514 for every $500 you invest.

So how much money is at stake here?

I’m Talking Millions of Dollars per Minute…
Billions Per Hour… GUSHING out of these
“Rainmaker Trades”

For example…

Not long ago, seemingly out of nowhere, $4.15 Billion per hour began overflowing out of Celgene.

It didn’t stop for 24 hours…

Anyone in this “Rainmaker” trade went running straight to the bank.

$99.5 BILLION in new wealth had poured out by day’s end.

Then take Raytheon.

In mere minutes, billions started exploding out of this “Rainmaker” trade.

$3.70 Billion per hour… for 24 hours.

When a multi-billion-dollar tidal wave sweeps in like this…

It’s easy to see why you don’t need much money to start skimming enormous sums of cash off the top of these trades.

Last year alone, CEOs siphoned $1.9 TRILLION through this hidden asset… this year that number could more than DOUBLE. I’ll show you the photographic proof in a moment.

Think about it like this:

It took Warren Buffett 50 years to amass his $87.3 Billion fortune.

Yet, at the rate this “Rainmaker Trade” pumped out cash…

$2,750,000,000 per hour

It would’ve only taken a day and a half to race past the Oracle’s life earnings.

Obviously not ALL that cash would have been yours…

But just imagine having even a tiny slice of these “Rainmaker” trading moves.

In all honesty, you could have – because these were all regular stocks

Which means no special trading clearance or fancy account is required on your part.

The only difference between these 1-day winners… and the tens of thousands of other stocks trading hands each day?

Every time my study spotted
this “Rainmaker” signal —
the stock ALWAYS shot up.

100% of the time.

It pays out fast, too. Which means you’re in and out quickly.

Just regular stocks making you unbelievable profits.

Now, I can’t promise you’ll cash out with a winner ever time…

It’s true what they say…

Nothing in investing is guaranteed.

But as you can see from the real Rainmaker trades I discovered in this study…

When the gains hit, they tend to come fast and furious.

Think of today’s system as a tool to detect invisible “Rainmaker” traces coming off certain stocks.

The amount of cash that rains down
from these trades… even with small starting amounts… will make your head spin.

Had you known a “Rainmaker” trade was about to occur on JetPay Corporation, you could have invested a reasonable $500…

cash stack

The next day, you’d have woken up with $1,209.75

Or consider the stock Mood Media Corporation.

If you’d been in on this “Rainmaker” trade… you’d have nearly tripled your money in a single day.

Now, I know these aren’t the millions-per-minute rich CEOs are swimming in.

But since new Rainmaker trades happen so often… it’s not hard to understand how fast this easy money could stack up.

Like when Astea International handed a few “Rainmaker” traders $4,589.20 for every $2,000 invested.

cash stack

This is no joke.

Every single one of these mouth-watering gains…

Was an ordinary stock trade.

Any run-of-the-mill trading account (even the kind they give to brand NEW investors who’ve never traded before at all)…

Would have gotten you in and out of these trades with spectacular paydays.

Listen, I’m a pretty humble guy…

But in my little corner of the internet, where 12,000 Americans read my investment column each week…

Word has spread about my success.

The world’s biggest stock exchange — the NASDAQ – said this about me on their website:


Before I came to help ordinary investors — which has been my true life’s calling for 23 years now…

I spent years on Wall Street, routinely managing millions of dollars.

I don’t share these credentials to brag. In fact, there’s a funny story you should know from my scrappy college days.

The admissions rep laughed at this Southern Boy’s college application…

But once they saw my test scores —
they were forced  to hand me a full-ride scholarship.

Here’s the thing: I’m not “gifted” …

And I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth…

I’m from Louisiana, one of the poorest places in the country.

So, when an average kid, from a no-name family, gets home-run test scores…

Virtually forcing a Top 25-ranked business school to hand over a full-ride scholarship…

You might chalk it up to natural talent, or luck.

Let me assure you — in my case, it was neither.

And that should be music to your ears if you want a proven stock trading system in your pocket.


Because the X-factor that took me from my childhood in “Sportsman’s Paradise” — where most ambitions end with football, fishing, and food…

All the way to the upper ranks of global finance, working for the top firms on Wall Street…

Was work ethic.

The same brand of blood-and-sweat due diligence you get in today’s stock-detection system.

It’s also this same dogged determination that allowed me to uncover the inner workings of Project Rainmaker and the men behind it.

Which not only led me to the 5-times-your-money in 71 days you saw before…

But to the fast-approaching $4.0 Trillion cash transfer these CEOs do not want you to know about…

Of course, tracking their next big shadow move hasn’t been easy.

They prefer it that way. This process demanded thousands of hours of research… some shocking text messages…

And more all-nighters than I care to remember.

Due to the complex web of legal filings — which help keep out people like myself (and you!) …

I had to get an expert pair of eyes to unravel the question that, frankly, had me stumped:

Why Are U.S. Mega-Corporations like
Disney, Comcast & Apple…

With $4.0 Trillion in Cash on their Balance Sheets… Actively Piling on MORE Cash???

When whispers of these strange cash injections started appearing, I texted my publisher Jeff Little.

text message

Three days passed, and I wondered if he’d hit a dead end. Until I got this text:

text message

I’m going to show you the exact documents Jeff emailed me…

Which confirmed every detail of what I suspected…

Some CEOs have been using the pandemic as a massive smokescreen to funnel trillions in cash through this hidden asset. But before we get there…

And before you understand why news website of the year, The Telegraph, said:


The first thing you’re probably wondering is:

What Actually ARE These “Rainmaker” Trades?

You may have figured out what I’m hinting at by now.

It’s something that CEOs do that creates a huge profit opportunity in the market EVERY time it happens.

And whether you were familiar with this word before today, you’re going to love it from now on:


You might have heard them called mergers, takeovers, or acquisitions.

It’s all the same thing… and it’s the #1 reason America’s rich CEOs are hoarding all that cash.

What’s more, it’s widely agreed upon by elite investors — to be the FASTEST way to profit with stocks.

Market Watch says:


Or consider the advice Yahoo! Finance gives about this market ‘corner’ – they say:


The Nest, an online retirement planning source since 1997, wrote:


PitchBook, the top online buyout database — notes profits aren’t only fast, but big too:


Even stodgy publishers like Kiplinger’s praise buyouts as:


It’s impossible to deny: buyouts aren’t only the fastest way to make money with stocks…

But also, how you score the biggest wins… with less risk.

With a historic $4.0 Trillion in cash on hand for big U.S. Companies to buy out smaller ones…

I’m confident takeover trades will provide the BIGGEST profit opportunities in 2020 and beyond.

Because when a bigger company buys a smaller company… the smaller company surges overnight

That’s why Forbes agrees it’s BETTER to be holding the SMALLER company (the ‘target’)…

Which is exactly what my system does.


Most investors would be thrilled beyond belief to have a way into ANY of these acquisition targets.

But now imagine this…

What if, through all the rumors… closed-door activity… and stock market buzz…

You not only had the consistent ability to sniff out the buyout targets… before they spike… with precision accuracy…

But you could ALSO pinpoint the ones with the biggest profit potential?

Your timing couldn’t be better to spear the biggest whale of the year…

An opportunity I’ve been tracking under the surface – through a series of documents I’ll show you right now.

Buried under an ocean of legal filings –
my publisher uncovered 3 “smoking gun”
documents that slipped past most of the
mainstream media & business analysts.

The series of events that unfolded between March 20 and May 12 this year doesn’t seem real.

(And it’s not because I wore sweatpants 12 days in a row, either.)

When Jeff emailed me the first of these 424(b)(2) documents…

I clunked my coffee cup on the desk and squinted at the screen…

Were my eyes playing tricks on me?

Nope. On March 25, Comcast quietly issued a directive to boost their cash on hand by $4.11 Billion — a whopping 50%!

With a single 424(b)(2) filing…

Comcast’s CEO likely signed the directive from his closed-door boardroom grinning the whole way through.

So, we have a huge multi-billion-dollar cash-raise…

Signed off on by the CEO of Comcast…

On March 25 – amidst the height of the COVID-19 emergency.

Now you can see “Project Rainmaker” written all over this.

At the time, however, I was still only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

It went deeper, so much deeper.

Jeff’s email also showed that on May 4, the cash-flush iPhone maker did something unthinkable.

Apple already had $200 Billion lining their pockets. No need for more cash, right?


The CEO whipped out his pen, and signed off on a $8.5 Billion cash addition — to Apple’s already-giant balance sheet:

Doesn’t this bring to mind ole’ Warren Buffett’s timeless maxim:

“Be greedy when others are fearful” — Warren Buffett 

As the market, heck, the whole world spun into panic… these CEOs had the audacity to stack up MORE cash… to bankroll their newest, greediest method of self-dealing I’ll reveal in a moment…

(One we can anticipate for potential 5x your money in as little as a few weeks.)

This next one, however, tops them all:

On March 20…

Disney’s CEO was putting on Act I of his own show…

When he grabbed $6.0 Billion in fresh cash for his entertainment empire.

With one stroke of his pen, Disney’s CEO doubled the cash on their balance sheet.

But Act II is where the REAL stroke of magic happens, because one month after this historic move…

Disney doubled down AGAIN! And raised $11 Billion MORE.

Bringing the grand total to $17 Billion, all within fifty-two days.

If you ask me, it’s time we shined a light on this shadow market:

It All Begins With My New R.A.I.N. Buyout Trading System I’m Proud to Announce Today.

Imagine “Making it Rain” Cash into Your Account… Week In… Week Out… No Matter What
Mr. Market is Doing.

What would it mean to you… to your family…

Owning the ability to sit down, place a trade, and win almost every single time?

And potentially double, triple, quadruple, even five times your money – when you click “trade” in your account?

Going to bed after placing a simple trade…

And waking up to the gains that just piled onto your net worth while you slept.

What if you had a reliable, REPEATABLE system at your fingertips to:

Now before I go on, I want to point out the obvious… no system is perfect.

But with my supercharged system capable of pumping out five times your money in 71 days… you can see how this isn’t some far-off fantasy.

I know it can be a lot to process.

At first, it can feel unnatural to have the opportunity to pocket this much profit, with so little effort…

(Perhaps even shameful if you were raised like me, to sweat for every dollar, and “just be grateful for food on the table.”)

But I assure you.

After watching hundreds, then thousands in potential gains rushing into your account…

It could become simple routine.

You may have noticed how, even among these 3 crazy CEO cash moves — Disney stood head & shoulders above the rest…

So, it came as no surprise that my system just flagged Disney as the likely buyer of the next mega-buyout.

With Billions of cash already on hand – they raised seventeen BILLION more. Why?

Because I believe their CEO is on a shopping spree to buy up smaller companies.

Which means you have a rare opportunity to:

Trade Upon Disney’s Next Star Buyout &
Snap it Up Cheap BEFORE They Shower it with a
$22.4 Billion Mountain of Cash

Get in before Disney makes their move…

And my system indicates you could turn a $2,000 investment into a $10,059 windfall.

I know that kind of money from 1 trade might sound like a Disney fantasy…

Yet, here’s 3 more reasons that should tell you why there’s no better time – and no better system in the world — for scoring hefty buyout profits.

REASON #1: CEOs at major U.S. companies have hoarded $4.0 Trillion in cash — reserves CNBC reports they’re saving for “a wave of M&A activity.”

REASON #2: SMALL companies, by their nature, have higher exposure to risk. More vulnerable than ever in the current market – these small- and mid-cap stocks are likely more open than ever to the safety (and profit) inherent in a takeover from a larger company.

And the most important reason of all – the #1 driving factor behind these deals…

REASON #3: CEOs create “inorganic growth” (read: fake growth) on their quarterly earnings by acquiring SMALLER companies onto their balance sheets.

You already knew their “profits-above-all” mentality.

Bhat you didn’t know… was how they milk profits out of thin air.

Architecting compensation packages that make some fume out the ears when they see the numbers.

(That’s like striking out every at bat… all season long… then copying someone’s .309 batting average onto your stats.)

“Project Rainmaker” is a game of smoke & mirrors.

I’ve just shown you their latest brand of smoke…

So now let’s hold a mirror to the men behind it all.

Guess how much money the CEO of Apple, made in 2019?


Yet, he’s still inhaling corporate cash at a record clip… $200 Billion if you remember from the legal filing document Jeff dug up.

Now take a look at Disney’s compensation package, which paid their CEO 1,000 times more than the average employee.


Or how about the CEO of Comcast who, in 2019, hauled in $36.37 million in total compensation.

But guess what?

It’s not just these three. Almost every major U.S. corporation is controlled by executives with the SAME insatiable appetite.

For these men, nothing is more important than showing black numbers to shareholders.

So, buyouts are just part of the smoke and mirrors they use to manufacture growth.

Especially now, when investors are uncertain when they’ll see growth…

Acquisitions are one of the only ways to show it.

Which must be why Barron’s reported:


Now you’re starting to understand why these CEOs have been stockpiling all this cash…

And even raising more…

It’s for moments just like this – when they need SOMETHING positive to show shareholders.

With the government scrambling to stimulate the economy…

I wouldn’t be surprised to see looser regulations… more buyouts… and more “Rainmaker” trades getting spit out of my stock-selection system…

One that evaluates tens of thousands of data points with laser precision…

Let’s take a quick look at Part I of my screen:

Part I:

Rising Cash Flow

Cash is King.

I prize strong cash flows above almost all else, and so do buyers.

I’m talking about revenue that is NOT bogged down by high expenses like most stocks that trade on Wall Street.

Revenue that turns into free cash flow (FCF).

Take it from one of the world’s richest men & takeover titans, Jeff Bezos:


Or from Abbvie, referring to its purchase of Allergan for a whopping $63 Billion:

The combined companies generated $19 billion in operating cash flow last year… ensures funding for robust pipeline investment, debt reduction and capital return to shareholders.

Not only does my system prioritize positive FCF… but also year-over-year growth…

Which indicates company margins are improving year in, year out.

Next, Part 2 of my system analyzes stocks that are:

Part II:

All Clear

Cash may be king, but it’s not everything.

Sometimes a takeover fails because of a legal problem, a competing offer, a regulatory problem, or a culture clash.

Yes – it is possible to analyze these factors with scientific precision.

Take the rumored 2017 buyout many thought Kraft Heinz would tie the bow on.


It was all but certain to everyone but a few key insiders – who knew the cultural differences between the dealmakers was going to ruin the deal.

One Unilever inside said: “The deal made perfect financial and strategic sense for [Kraft], but absolutely none for us.”

Little did Kraft’s main dealmaker Jorge Paulo know… this conflict spelled failure.

Unilever’s Chief Executive Paul Polman issued a BRUTAL rejection to Kraft, saying their proposal had “no merit, either financial or strategic.”

(He refused to even come to the table!)



Reuters reported:


All the while, my system was pinging all systems go on Mead Johnson Nutrition, at the same time:

What was the difference? MJN passed these all-clear screening criteria.

  1. Free of any legal, cultural, political, or competing offer entanglements
  2. High probability of passing antitrust inspection
  3. WILLING & RECEPTIVE to offers

Another All Clear signal my system tracks…

Is something you and mega-corporations probably share in common: debt.

Just like most homeowners, companies own assets with some level of debt mixed in.

If they don’t have enough debt, they’re missing out on owning a bigger house. Too much debt, and they’ll default – and LOSE the house.

Smart Rainmakers avoid buying companies with too much debt for this very reason – which means high-debt stocks get low-probability buyout ratings from my system.

On the contrary, companies that own most of their assets All Clear – WITHOUT piles of debt – are highly attractive targets for Rainmaker traders.

Take this ski resort stock my system spotted – Peak Resorts — which could’ve doubled your money.

Peak’s Equity-to-Debt ratio was 1.7 – by which I mean it had 70% more equity than current liabilities — a GREAT signal for investors. (More “house” than debt, in short.)

Part 3 automatically scans for stocks with strong equity-to-debt ratios…

Factoring in leverage ratios, lending terms, maturities, and debt covenants, and other key criteria buyers look for.

When a stock passes this second part of my screen – you know it’s “All-Clear” for takeoff…

Part III:

Irreplaceable Assets.

The third layer asks: “What does this company own… that nobody else owns?

This makes a HUGE difference in determining whether a stock is targeted for takeover.

Part 3 is what led me to find Tobira Therapeutics, a biotech specializing in treating a rare liver disease:


Like a roman candle, this stock started spitting off profits the moment the news hit.

Within hours — you could have cashed out $8,600 for every $1,000 invested. Or $43,000 for every $5,000 you put in.

Tobira passed this part of the screen because its drug DPP-4 was unlike anything else in the world for treating Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).

With no major competitors, Allergan came in…

Snatched up Tobira…

And “Rainmaker” traders made a killing.

In short, the stock’s assets need to be unique, irreplaceable, or hidden from the wider pool of competitors.

Which is the only way to dominate highly competitive corners of the market.

Think biopharma, oil & gas, and financial services.

Environments where players adapt or die.

The smart one’s fish in ponds where they know there’s food. Markets like telecom, for example.

In this particular corner, stocks like DirectTV emerged from my system, which racked up 296% gains when it was bought by AT&T…

While others like Dish Networks – trading in the same space, at a similar price — got thrown out.

This part of the screen not only identifies the Irreplaceable Assets… but the one-of-a-kind stocks inside profitable & active industries.

Next up, Part IV revolves around 1 key question:

If the market is convinced a stock is worth $10, but your analysis is screaming it’s worth $40, do you buy?


Part IV:

No Way That’s the Price!?!?!?!”

This one makes a lot of sense.

Remember the 6.34 Billion shares of stock trading hands per day?

Inside that bunch are a handful of companies worth MORE than the market is giving them credit for.

Diamonds in the rough.

Whether it’s Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, or Google – acquirers are more likely to pull the trigger when they think that stock trading for $10 is worth $20…

But with my 4-part screen at your fingertips… you’re going to do them one better….

Because SOME stocks are worth more than even Wall Street knows.

An example is when TD Ameritrade’s stock slid from near $50 to $40 to $30 last fall.

Shortly after it bottomed out, a buyout from Charles Schwab flooded investors with $4.42 Billion in instant cash.

But it kept going up after that, gaining 25% total a day later… then 29%.

So, while most of the market thought the party was over at 17% — you could have pocketed nearly double what they did.

Don’t worry if you missed the party, because you now have a rare second chance to join this next wave of “Rainmaker” trades.

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Remember, this trade signal lets less than .01% of picks through its rigorous 4-part screen.

So, when one stock ticker passed ALL 4 SCREENS…

Leaving me slack-jawed at my monitor — I had to get the story behind it. All my research indicates:

Disney’s CEO will make a BOMBSHELL
announcement that launches this
TV streaming darling over the moon

This San Jose-based TV “streaming” stock passed through my R.A.I.N. system with flying colors.

Disney has been identified as the likely buyer.

It takes no stretch of imagination to see the historic spike in TV streaming demand, driven by the pandemic lockdown.

But before I get ahead of myself, and tell you how this one play alone could make you 5X richer — let me be very clear:

(It’s not Hulu, HBO, or any other streaming service you’ve probably heard of…)

Potentially days from now…

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